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Dear Food Network, we want a health conscious realistic show with Robert Irvine!

Dear Food Network,

It is no secret that Robert Irvine is the most jacked guy on Food Network.




We want a show that focuses on his personal diet! We all know he doesn’t eat the food he cooks on Restaurant Impossible on a daily basis. We also know that as a chef he can still make healthy food taste great! We want a show that focuses on his personal recipes that him and Gail Kim eat on a daily basis!


Not only would it be entertaining, but it would help a lot of Americans eat healthy and still be excited to eat, instead of punishing themselves by eating bland diet food! We all know that pre packaged food like nutrisystem and weight watchers don’t work, because it doesn’t teach you how to eat! Once you stop buying their food bang there you go back up again. We also know how Robert hates pre-made, frozen and canned food!!

Please Robert and Food network help America! You can even name the show Robert Irvine helps America! Or America Impossible!

The obesity epidemic is reaching an all time high and if we don’t take the bull by the horns we are going to lose this battle!

For Gods sake! There is McDonald’s in schools for school lunch! That’s ridiculous! I had homemade lunch, made by our lunch ladies. Yes; they used government products like the infamous government cheese lol, but it was still light years better than McDonald’s! Pizza Fridays, pasta, chicken fajitas, burgers, meatloaf etc…

Maybe have Robert Irvine meet with obese people trying to lose weight and see what they are eating or meet with people that are close to being where they want to be, but for some reason, just can’t quite get there! Have Robert teach them the recipes he personally uses to get ripped and stay in shape, and does he use supplements? If so, what does he use?

Robert Irvine, please help America!

Ps: it’s my idea! I want to be on the first show haha! Even if I’m not the person he helps!


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