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Controversy: Construction in America reaching epidemic proportions!

Construction in America is reaching epidemic proportions! Big business is ruining America! Build, build build! Build it and they will come! No they won’t! Especially, in today’s economy!

Towns in NJ such as: Butler and Pompton Lakes have tons of stores vacant! But more and more keep getting built!

The problem with that is when to take away land, you take away nature! When you take away nature, the animals have nowhere to go! I’m by no means a tree hugging hippie! But, c’mon! I don’t want to be animal lunch either! I also had to wait for a family of ducks crossing the road today!

Never in my life have I seen a bear! Once a bear wandered into my town about 15 years ago, (due to construction) a dog chased it off, never to be seen again! Now, there are a bunch of bears frequenting the area, in fact I just chased one off my lawn about 15 min ago!



Yesterday, I saw a family of about 10-15 wild turkeys in a neighbors yard! I had to wait for them to cross the street! Who the fuck sees wild turkeys in the suburbs!


Years ago none of this happened! All we had were squirrels, and raccoons and rarely I mean rarely a skunk and a possum. Now, we are infested with deer, chipmunks, rabbits, bear a few squirrels and now turkeys! The raccoons, skunks and possum are all gone! Extinct! From my neighborhood! Guess the bears ate them!

Stop building crap we don’t need!! Oh, and to make things worse, NJ has the worst gun laws! We can’t even protect ourselves!

The day I see a bobcat, a wolf or a mt lion, in NJ I’m shooting that shit on site!! Fuck that I’m no ones lunch!

I know people need jobs, but towns need to stop building shit we don’t need! When all the stores are full, by all means expand, but when you have tons of empty locations, cut the crap! If its a monetary problem (people jacking up rental prices, either regulate it or buy the building out and have the town be the landlord)

But stop destroying nature, before nature destroys us!

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