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Recipe: Spicy Stir-Fry Shrimp (low carb) Paleo Diet

Here’s a great recipe for a low carb diet or ideal for carb back loading. This recipe is brought to you by my friend Pauly from Nutrition Zone – Rockaway NJ.

1 bag of frozen shrimp ( the quality of the shrimp you buy is paramount! Male sure you buy peeled and cleaned. Tail on tail off doesn’t matter. Ok so dump frozen shrimp on pan add cayenne or chili powder, preferably fresh garlic but garlic powder will do in a pinch and oregano or Italian seasoning and stir fry until they are done!

I portion out into 6 containers about 10-12 shrimp per portion and eat every 2-3 hours until done.


**Update** August 27th 2013
Tomorrow I am making this by draining the water as the frozen shrimp cooks, then adding a can of trader joes coconut milk lite and adding garam masala, cayenne pepper and fresh garlic… Maybe a jalapeño or 2!


I also added saffron remember I said: “go to local foreign import stores such as: Indian grocery, middle eastern or Turkish delis or even Italian import stores. The spices are wayyy cheaper and you know they are organic. Foreign countries don’t use chemicals in their food supply! Only in America! I got a big bag of saffron for $4 try buying that in a grocery store or a organic grocery like whole foods, you will pay an excess of $100 for what I got for $4!”

The saffron Thai peanut sauce i made for my ground turkey was amazing! I can’t wait till my next feeding in 2hrs! For that recipe look at the post: Diets: Carb Back Loading


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