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Product Review: Workout Gear – Under Armour All Season Gear UA Team Loose Fit Warmup Pants *

Really Lightweight, Mesh Lined Interior almost Parachute pants material. Not sure if I am going to like them, Not sure if they are breathable. I am used to Adidas Pants and that material. My Red Tapout Warmups ripped and they don’t make them anymore and the quality of their products has plummeted and I will no longer buy anything except shirts. Their pants are plasticy acrylic like garbage.

Although these pants are parachute like they are well made, big elastic waistband and large and wide quality made drawstring. Will I like them? Stay tuned for a non 90 Degree day! So I can try them…

I wore them a couple days ago, they were comfortable, but were toooooo hot in the gym! I was sweating to death! I am going to try them again in a couple weeks.


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