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Controversy: Honey Boo Boo Watch and Sniff Grand Premiere



You’ve seen the sketti. You redneck-ognize their special brand of Southern cuisine. But you’ve never had a chance to smell the world Honey Boo Boo and her quirky clan inhabit – until now.

TLC has revealed that the July 17 season premiere episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo will be a “Watch ‘n Sniff” event. They even got family matriarch – and onetime Baywatch impersonator – “Mama June” Shannon to explain how it works.

“Get your card. When you see the number on your TV, scratch the corresponding number, take big whiff and see what you smell,” she explains in her signature drawl.

“Watch ‘n Sniff” cards, featuring six potentially pungent scents, will be available first in PEOPLE’s July 15 issue, which hits newsstands July 5. Cards will also be available at select Time Warner Cable retail stores across the country, and handed out by street teams in major markets.

Anybody smell a hit?

I got my foul and nasty watch and sniff card what about you? What is this world coming to? And why do you feed into it? Glutton for punishment I think!

Let’s see what are the signs the Apocalypse is coming?
School shootings… Check
Hurricane in NY… Check
Tsunami in Japan… Check
Tornados in CT… Check
Louisana Flooded… Check
Madagascar locust infestation… Check
Great Plain Blizzard… Check
Honey Boo Boo Number 1 rated TV Show… Check

The World is gonna end!


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