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Supplement Review: Fit Calorie Crystals – Do these things like Sensa really work?


You simply sprinkle Fit Crystals on every meal to eat less and lose weight. It’s that easy. Fit Crystals create a dietary fiber gel in your stomach that makes you feel full so you are able to eat less without feeling hungry. This reduces your caloric intake while adding healthy fiber to your diet.


Fit Crystals are all-natural and made in the USA with quality imported and domestic materials and there are no known side effects when taken as directed. Fit Crystals do not contain caffeine or any stimulants that can cause jitters and elevated heart rate. Your results guaranteed or YOUR MONEY BACK! *Disclaimer: The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. *The independent, double-blind, randomized, parallel design, placebo controlled, 10 -week study was completed by 88 participants (72 female, 16 male) with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 27-39 kg/m2. Participants used a serving of Fit Crystals on each meal three times a day as recommended. ** Participants using Fit Crystals lost an average of 17.50 pounds, while participants using a placebo lost an average of 6.56 pounds.


Do they work? I believe so! It is 525g of fiber per serving. What happens it you sprinkle it on your food (preferably dry food) when it comes in contact with liquid it expands into a gelatinous mass. That mass occupies your stomach and makes you full. The fiber is then passed out of your body (pooped), so you eat less and retain less, hench you lose weight. I tried it today with a bag of frozen shrimp and except for returning from the gym it worked! I was so hungry after the gym, I had: my shrimp portion and I chose wisely and had 4 baby dill pickles. Today it kept me strong! Will it work tomorrow? stay tuned!

I don’t like Sensa, because they are shady and didn’t explain what it is and how it works all they said was sprinkle it on food and lose weight. This stuff actually taught you the science behind it and I respect that!

Here is a question for you? Does such a high fiber dose cause diarrhea?

I want more! this works! especially on the days I have shrimp!!! See diet shrimp recipe here!


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