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Restaurant Review: Taco Express Plus – Seldon, NY


What can I say about this place? Awesome!!
I have had Mexican food all over the country! NY, NJ, FL, NC, SC, GA, CA, MS, MO, TX and even from Mexico itself! I have had Tacos made by Asians in Long Island, but this place!! Burritos made by Indians its the best!! The large burrito is the size of a Taco Bell grilled stuffed burrito and its stuffed!! I got the Chicken Tikka burrito and it didn’t taste like Chicken Tikka, but it was great! Then I had the Lamb Chapli Kebab burrito and it was fuckin awesome!! One of the best tasting things I put in my mouth! I also got the tandoori chicken hot wings and they were really really good. I talked to the owner and he said everyone has hot wings and they are bad for you and greasy! The Tandoori wings are baked! Could have been a tad hotter for me, but I am inhuman when it comes to spicy food!

They even have Mexican food, Philly cheesesteaks and gyros! This place rocks!! Don’t let the pizza place atmosphere scare you away!



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