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Business Tip: Cyber Security – Securing your blog from hackers

I recently got a comment from a reader:
“Howdy! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?
I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.

Any recommendations?”

Well, first off do not approve off topic comments! If you think the comment is genuine like this, make a new post about it. Off topic comments and comments such as: I love your blog it’s the best or my sister/brother showed me your blog and its awesome etc…

Those are what’s called spam and could be a phishing attempt from a hacker.

Lets get something straight! It isn’t easy to hack, you usually have to do a little homework to hack: phishing, port scans, packet sniffers, dictionary searches (password cracking) etc…

So, first you need to ask yourself these questions:
1. Do you have PII personal identifiable Information on your blog? Credit card numbers, social security numbers etc..
The answer is NO! So there is no return on investment for a hacker to hack your blog.

2. Are you a super popular blog, meaning does the whole world know who you are? Are you a celebrity?
The answer is probably NO! So no notoriety by hacking your site, so again no return on investment.

3. Will the hacker get practice by hacking your site? Yes, but chances are it is child’s play and it won’t give him too much practice, because you probably just have a weak password.

Now to the question above:
Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?

The answer is no! Why? Because your blog isn’t stored on your phone or your computer, it is stored in the cloud. The hackers would have to hack your provider. If your provider is a large provider like Amazon or wordpress (idk where wordpress stores their media so lets just say wordpress does it themselves) then the game changes. They are not hacking your blog they are hacking the provider to get every blog!

Does it have PII? Chances are the cloud provider does, especially if you paid to have them host your blog and its not a free blog. So the answer is YES!

Do they get notoriety from hacking Amazon? Hell yeah they do! The answer is YES!

Do they get practice? YES! Amazon is like Fort Knox!

Now, since we can’t have an app to secure our blog, what can we do?

We can take Cyber Security measures to lock down our blog the best we can!
1. Don’t approve off topic comments!
2. Don’t reply to them either!
3. Make sure you have a strong password! 3 uppercase letters, 3 lowercase letters, 3 numbers and 3 special characters. Make sure you change your password every 90 days and make it random! Don’t use words or names! Things that can be found in a dictionary search!
4. Never pre approve comments! Always read them and approve them yourself!
5. Make sure there is no HTML code in the comment. Just plain words!
6. Make sure you look at the senders name, some have obscenities in their name, or some promote their own product and really don’t care about your topic, they just want free promotion. Do you support their product? Are you ok with the deception?

Lock down your blog!

I have my email address on my blog for off subject comments. If you have a question such as the above one or would like to see a subject covered, send me an email!!! And I will be happy to get back to you or if it warrants it, you will get your own post, such as this one!

For those of you that have legitimate comments, it thank you for them and keep them coming! I love comments good or bad!


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