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Product Review: Cat Cora Stainless Steel 2 in 1 Burger Press

Got the burger press today! Will hopefully use tomorrow! It’s pretty well made! I’m happy with it!

**Update** July 6th 2013
Used it today, It was a little rough going, have to perfect it. The Directions say for a stuffed burger use a 1/4 cup ground meat then 1/2 cup, but my food scale is ounces.

Not sure what the conversion was.
first try:
4oz and 6oz and it made a monster Turkey Burger!!

second try:
3oz and 4oz which still made a big burger! But, any less than 3oz it is hard to make a full burger lid. The bottom 4oz if we used 3oz then it wouldn’t make a big enough indent for the stuffing.

Diet Burger:
Ground Turkey stuffed with:
Red Bell Pepper

Other great stuffed burgers:

Portobello wine burger:
Black Angus stuffed with:
Portobello Mushroom
Pinot Noir
First , saute portobellos in pinot noir or merlot then stuff in burger with a little brie

Chicken Cordon Bleu:
Ground Chicken stuffed with:
Ham (cubed)
Swiss Cheese

4 cheese:
Black Angus stuffed with:
Monterey Jack
Fresh Mozzarella
Splash of Balsamic Vinegar

The Millionaire!
Ground Lamb stuffed with:
Chopped Lobster Tail
Lump Crab Meat
Little bit of Wasabi

The Billionaire!
Kobe Beef stuffed with:
Foie Gras
Shaved Black Truffles
and a splash of Dom Pérignon or Cristal
Now that’s the King of stuffed Burgers

Just be creative and use fresh ingredients!!
How bout a taco burger:
Black Angus stuffed with:
Black Beans
Stewed Tomatoes
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Dip Both sides of completed burger in Taco Seasoning and Grill! I just made the taco burger, the millionaire and billionaire up right now as I was writing this article lol… Get Creative!

**Update** April 24th 2014
2 days till Dad’s 69th bday and I was watching tv and I saw a new burger press out there called Stufz! It actually looked pretty good! After trolling the internet for over 30 min I couldn’t find a contact email for this company at all! All I found was an arbitration link! WTF KIND OF COMPANY IS THAT! If our product sucks go into arbitration!


Now lets try googling Cat Cora vs Stufz! (Haven’t tried it so don’t know the outcome)

Absolutely nothing!

Last chance lets try amazon!

Mixed 2.5 stars for Stufz

Cat Cora’s not there and Cuisinart rules them all with 4.5 stars out of 5


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