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Supplement Review: Cylodyn weight control compound


Cylodyn is a new weight loss product available from the TruDerma company. At the time of this review in March 2012, the company is selling the product for pre-order only, and has not publicly revealed a time when the product will be available to everyone. Read this review to learn more about what to expect from the weight loss product, and how it may be able to help you reach your goals.

Product Features
Cylodyn claims to be an alternative to the HCG diet, the hormone based drop system, combined with a very low calorie (VLCD) approach. While some ingredients, such as: the amino acids found in the HCG hormone, caffeine, green tea, and Cisscus, are listed, a full ingredients list has yet to be made available. Though the amino acids in the hormone are present, the hormone itself is not. This claims to be able to enhance your mood, help you burn fat, and lose weight while following a VLCD. If you are interested in the formula, expect to spend $59.99 for a single 42 day cycle supply. You are advised not to continuously follow a diet of this nature. You should follow it as directed, and take a break from it before starting again. It is likely weight loss results will only be temporary.

I bought it on groupon I was looking for a fat burner pill alternative and drops seemed like a good alternative, however the stuff doesn’t work! I even paired it with Hydroxycut gummies!

I decided I would use it while I cycled off SuperHD. Back to SuperHD! I can’t wait!

Again, I do not own or work for Cellucor in anyway! (If they are hiring I’d love to work for them!)

However, I don’t! I just like products that work, work fast and continue to work!

For continued diet progress check: carb back loading! I will be doing that till the end of July.


2 responses

  1. But in the end, all other options cost you more time, energy and resources than not eating
    the calories in the first two weeks, so my results could have been better.

    Mann said, according to researcher Brian Wansink, PhD, says visual cues
    can trick us into consuming more or less stable.

    July 8, 2013 at 7:17 AM

    • Ok, good point, but it is hard to gain muscle. Muscle will burn fat, because it takes more for your body to maintain it. So by burning muscle by not eating you cripple your fat burning potential.

      July 8, 2013 at 8:34 AM

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