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Product Review: Dash Go Dual Citrus Juicer

Every morning I make a glass of fresh lemon mixed with water and drink a 16oz glass. Well I was looking for a manual juicer (the top of the jar) everywhere I looked I couldn’t find one! I did find a lemon squeezer a yellow cast aluminum press with a couple holes on the bottom, it was a pain in the ass and messy. Most of the time the lemon halves didn’t fit in it.

Enter the dash! I saw it on Groupon and I thought it was a manual juicer on a cup. Well, it’s much larger than I thought and electric! It does an awesome job juicing the lemons! All that’s left is a lemon skin cup! All the juice and pulp is pulled out!

This thing rocks!! Get one its cheap!

And look here for info on lemons, and lemon cleanse also look at acidity vs alkalinity in the body!

The dash go dual citrus juicer is an easy way to go alkaline!


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