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Product Review: Cuisinart 10 Egg Central Egg Cooker



I just used the egg central, it is just about the same size as the dash egg cooker but it cooks 10 instead of 7. Like the dash it has an egg poaching tray 4 vs the dash’s 3. The dash’s is made of cheap metal that is Teflon costed on one side only. The egg centrals is heavy duty plastic, it also has a heavy duty plastic 3 egg omelet tray. The entire makeup except the lid is much thicker and better quality then the dash. The bottom heating element is solid stainless with no edges so it cleans much much easier, the dash is Teflon coated black and the heating element is a raised ring, which gets filthy in the inner and outer grove of the raised ring, the stainless flat bottom of egg central is much better!

The plastic ring that holds the eggs is more cut out then the dash and 4 times thicker plastic! It’s heavy duty! The measuring cup is much bigger, so it requires much more water to operate.

Does that make it cook better? Idk stay tuned!

5/22 easy peeling! Fully cooked and faster than the dash! Awesome product I hope it lasts!


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