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Green Life Market – Butler, NJ Organic Food Market, Gourmet Deli & Juice Bar! Great Tasting, Inexpensive and Healthy!


For those of you in the North Jersey (Wayne area) you might know of Natures Pavilion in Pompton Plains on Route 23 North. They have been around a long time! The best selection of health food, vitamins, tea, organic products, gluten free etc…

Until, Green Life market! Green life has the same products as Natures Pavilion, cheaper prices and a cleaner brighter atmosphere!

But that’s not what sets them apart! They have a juice bar and deli counter with great tasting products! Such as: Thai peanut butter chicken salad, tofu (fake egg) salad, seaweed salad, sesame tuna, fresh (in store made from scratch) yogurt, quinoa, and a bunch of other stuff! You have to check it out!! It is amazing!! They even have the peanut butter mill as well as almond butter and a bunch of other nut grinders, a large spice section, and they have a refrigerated section and a giant downstairs with dry goods and frozen foods. They even have a small organic produce section.

This place rocks and the owners are really nice and knowledgeable to boot! Tell Ameer Lou sent you!

They also almost always have a Groupon out! Go out of your way to get here! You won’t be disappointed!

They are in the works to double the deli/juicebar area.

**Update** May 23rd 2014
Green Life has started a membership program, a one time $50 fee gets you membership pricing (most if which is even cheaper than amazon!) what started off as being slightly overpriced, but carried a lot of hard to find products has slashed prices to diet cheap! Not only is it much cleaner than Natures Pavilion, now it’s much cheaper instead of slightly cheaper!

Furthermore they have increased their deli offerings! Today I had a steam bowl ( kale and veggies with chicken steamed and topped with a Thai peanut sauce) they have a bunch of different sauces and combinations!

They also have wraps and numerous other offerings including puddings and a juice bar!

Check this place out it bigger and better!

They even carry Arctic Zero ice cream!




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