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Product Review: The Ultimate IPhone 5 Case: The Lunatik Taktik Extreme 5 with Gorilla Glass! Badass in your hand!


Water Resistant not Waterproof… But BADASS!!!!!

Should have it by Wednesday!

Got it!!! It rocks! It is truly the best phone case ever! It is super weight heavy! But it’s built like a tank!

I do have a problem however, during the summer I wear fight shorts! Aka no pockets! I need a holster! Fortunately Lunatik is testing a prototype holster and bike mount. I am hoping that the powers that be let me fully test it! From fight shorts to rugged military use… I will test the crap out of it! Hiking, Ruck-marches maybe even the color run hint hint!!

Stay tuned more to follow!

**Update** July 6th 2013
I almost lost my phone about 20 times or more! Lunatik doesn’t make a belt clip for the IPhone 5 and my fight shorts don’t have a pocket!!!!!! When I am in the gym I forget it on the window sill or on a machine, luckily people have been nice enough to either leave it be or return it to the front desk! They need to make a belt clip ASAP or I will be forced to get an otterbox! Every person that sees my phone says WOW what case is that and where do I get it! I have been telling them out of kindness, but if Lunatik doesn’t get their act together and make the belt clip/bike mount that we have all been waiting for, I will have to tell people to forget you ever saw it! C’mon Lunatik!!!!!!!!!!


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