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Fan Request: Why I blog?

Peter V Helton has requested: Tell them why you blog and share with them any information regarding you that is relative to the
blog theme itself. It just requires the dedication to writing one blog
post a day no matter what and keeping this routine up for months and
years to come. With the increase in only business and blogs amazing popularity it has allowed a union
where business blogs have been formed as a way to raise productivity online.

Well Peter here you go:

Why do I blog? I like to think I am helping people by bringing topics not everyone knows about or on the controversy side, topics they don’t want to talk about.

However, I wish more people would comment, so it becomes a discussion and not more of a lecture/presentation. Everyone feel free to comment about the topic at hand. Comments such as you are great and I love your blog find their way into the spam box and deleted. Comment about the topic tell me your thoughts and feelings, if you add in you are great and I love your blog…so be it lol Consequently if you say, hey you suck and have details why I suck that will also be posted lmao!

As for the themes I chose: Read the about me section to see how they pertain to me.

As for the Blog itself, I have posted comments to questions about it, I will reiterate that here: Yes it is currently a free wordpress hosted blog, I used a theme and altered it in photoshop where I created the buttons on the right side.

As for Content: Pick a topic/topics that you are passionate about and/or a subject matter expect about and research about it (don’t forget to footnote where you got the research) and just write about it!

If you build it others will come lol

Have fun! If you don’t have fun it won’t last and it will show in your writing…


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