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Product Review: Crystal Light liquid The latest to rip off Mio

Why is it in freedom and not nutrition? Because there is no nutritional value!! Crystal light and Mio both have no nutritional values!

Maybe, if you make a vitamin enhancing liquid, such as 1000mg of vitamin c or something… These will fly off the shelves and be in everyone’s pocket! Instead of stealing someone’s idea…

Is it better than the powder? Do you want to carry a big bottle in your pocket? I know I don’t…

What about using it in public… Would you really use it in a restaurant?

If you do carry it, what about it opening in your pocket or purse?

I will buy one just to review it… Then I’ll buy my first Mio and compare…

Those empty beverages do not interest me. I rather drink herbal tea, which has many health benefits!


Even Dasani is onboard!

I decided at $4.39 a bottle Mio isn’t worth trying! Also, Dasani at $3.99 also isn’t worth it! You are better off spending $4-5 on beneficial products such as a whole box of Yogi tea. Maybe I will try it for the review if I can find it on sale.

Mio is slightly ahead of the curve with their Mio energy that contains 60mg of caffeine per serving and Taurine plus Ginseng

Went to stop and shop looks like everyone including stop and shop is onboard and ripping off Mio

If you look at the picture you will see Mio Fit although it’s a good try it still only contains 10% of your daily B vitamins which as far as B vitamin supplements go, that’s nothing!!

Above is stop & shop brand

4C Energy is actually the best but not by much!


What flavor is green storm exactly??

I got the Mio fit berry blast on the Army base for 2.88 so I figured I’d try it, 2 things: 1 it tastes exactly like blue Gatorade – I’m not a crazy fan of Gatorade, but it is Gatorade with no calories…
2. The thing that worries me is there is no metered dose! You just squeeze away… So in the instance of the Mio energy it is very easy to overdose!!

Not cool!


One response

  1. anyone

    “Crystal Light liquid The latest to rip off Mio” I thought the same thing, however, they are both part of Kraft foods.

    April 28, 2013 at 12:43 PM

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