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Recipe: Macho Tuna Grenades or Steak & Mashed Cauliflower Grenade!

What is more macho then a tuna grenade! Eating a low carb diet is hard at times. You can’t have bread, so how can you make a sandwich?

Make a Macho Tuna Grenade!

Large tomato

Can of Tuna

Kraft Fat-free Mayo 1tbsp

Fresh Basil Leaves

Optional: Fig Balsamic Glaze


Almost like a Caprese Salad, minus the Mozzarella and instead adding tuna…

In a bowl Mix tuna with mayo

Cut top off tomato and save
take a spoon and hollow out tomato and throw out or use for something else…

stuff a fresh basil leaf or 2 in the tomato, fill with tuna and drizzle with Fig balsamic glaze and replace Grenade top!

Eat: Either be a real macho man and pick it up and eat it like an apple or slice and enjoy, but don’t throw it like a grenade, because it tastes too good!

Be creative:
You can also use chicken salad or egg salad or Steak and Mashed Cauliflower see recipe below:

1 steak: I like Filet Mignon

Steak seasoning of your choice

1/2 Cauliflower Head

1/2 tsp Garlic Powder

1/4 tsp Ghee or Clarified Butter

1/8 cup Coconut Milk (though I needed much less than this to keep it from being runny)

Black Pepper to taste

Sea Salt to taste

Season Steak with Black Pepper and Sea Salt, and Grill to desired degree!
Boil Cauliflower then put in bowl and mash, mix in Garlic Powder, Ghee, Coconut Milk and finished Steak, then stuff Tomato for the Manliest Grenade ever!!

Remember your healthy Indian Spices in the previous post: Healthy Healing Oatmeal, they can be added anywhere!

(Ps This Steak Grenade is dedicated to my new friend at La Fitness in Patchogue, NY. You said you wanted Steak! Here you go Steak and fake Mashed Potatoes! If you read this make sure you comment!!)

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