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Product Review: The Geniuses at Walden Farms have done it again! Sesame Ginger Dressing -Zero Calorie/Zero Carb


Like the bottle says: zero calorie, sugar free, fat free, carb free, gluten free, cholesterol free…

Yes, there is Splenda in it, but if you want to live a normal life even on a low carb diet, you have to weigh your evils… Splenda vs sugar…

I’ll take the Splenda and a smaller waist!

I was watching a show yesterday and they believe that heart disease is not caused by fatty fast foods, but by the amount of sugar in our diets!

Now, lets take a look at this theory!!
McDonald’s the worst fast food (my opinion) puts out greasy food… Yes, but most of it is sugared to death!! For God’s sake when they first put out their salad line they were adding fuckin sugar to the salads!!

Now, lets look at Europeans – they are typically smaller and thinner as a whole. They eat full fat cheese, fatty meats such as pork! They eat breads and pastas and rice and beans and all kinds of fatty stuff, yet they are much thinner!

I think this theory is finally correct! It’s not the hydrogenated oils and blah blah blah it’s all the refined sugars!! And processed foods!!

Now the steroids in the meat and milk as well as the miracle grow in the veggies is probably the reason why we are 6′-7′ tall when the Europeans are 5’5″ that’s probably the reason for that, but that’s another topic lol

Anyway, back to Walden Farms, I think there is a post here about them, either that or it was on my old blog…

They have a ton of great calorie free products even calorie free Chocolate fudge! It tastes like crap, but when you are on a prolonged low carb diet, it is heaven! Other great products are their honey mustard, and bacon ranch!

Check them out, if you are looking to drop a few or a lot of pounds, they will help you treat yourself when you are getting bored of eating the same old same old food…


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