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Product Review: IPhone 5 & the Lifeproof Case vs Otterbox


Otterbox Defender


Lifeproof Fre

Ok I am going to give a quick bare bones rundown!

Otterbox – not waterproof

Lifeproof – waterproof

Otterbox – thicker case and thicker screen protector

Lifeproof – thinner and weaker screen protector

Otterbox – crystal clear sound

Lifeproof – muffled garbled sound

Otterbox – opening around cameras and bottom speakers (I have the 3Gs and it is always getting filthy with dust, but it is sealed and it is usually around the outside and between the plastic and silicone layers!) due to the openings at the cameras and at the speakers I am sure this is going to be a big problem!!

Lifeproof – sealed (even sound can barely get out lol)

Otterbox – serial problem of air bubble between screen and screen protector

Lifeproof – bumpy wavy screen protector

Final finding… they both suck! and I won’t be buying either!

In comes the Otterboxes answer to the Lifeproof Fre


Enter the Otterbox Armor!

Waterproof – Yes!

Same Otterbox almost bulletproof Armored reliability!

(trust me I have slammed my otterbox against a cinder block ball! I have also skipped it across a cement aircraft hanger floor! I have also threw it up as high as I could in the hanger and the Iphone was perfectly intact!)

I am however afraid it will have the same garbled sound due to the waterproofing!

Weight of the Armor

Price of the Armor

Muffled sound… I won’t be buying this one either!!

Enter the Lunatik!! keep your eyes peeled for the ultimate case!


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