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Product Review: The HuMn Wallet has done it again! Check out the New HuMn Wallet 2 & The HuMn Wallet Mini – They still block RFID Scans!


Here is the Original Carbon Fiber Version of the HuMn Wallet – AKA HuMn 1
I love this wallet!! It is the most awesome product I have seen in a while! My old leather wallets used to wear out and look like crap after a while or rip apart. A few years ago, I had hip pain from sitting on it for years. This wallet is to be worn in the front pocket or jacket pocket of your suit, so it doesn’t matter how much you fill it, it won’t give you pain.

Just when you thought a perfect product is out, innovation and research, coupled with a desire to please their customers, The HuMn Wallet has been improved!


Enter the HuMn 2! Here is the Aluminum (black) HuMn Wallet 2. The designers rounded the corners and thinned the side a tad bit (notice where the band connects) I believe the HuMn 2 will be: The be all end all perfect wallet!!!! I can’t wait to test it!


Just when you though the HuMn Wallet was done, Enter the HuMn Wallet Mini, not only are the sides rounded more, but the vertical height is also trimmed and notice the new opening tab, is it better? Is it harder to open? I’m not sure… But it looks cool! (this one is also black and Aluminum)

Don’t like black? Don’t like Carbon Fiber? Well then, customize it!!

Want a different color plate or strap? They have it!!

I’m personally, a Carbon Fiber junkie lol Its practically indestructible, lightweight and looks awesome! If I can make everything out of carbon fiber, I would lol, but to each their own…

I gave Ken an idea today, the HuMn Executive Business Card Holder – not much bigger than a business card, don’t go anywhere without it!
Myself, I keep business cards (not Mine in my wallet) My own cards are separate in a card holder, currently I have a Coach and a Tiffany’s. The Coach (made of leather) is much too bulky, the Tiffany’s (Much too expensive for daily use), The HuMn however, would be awesome! (Ken get to making it! lol) **Hint Hint* matching carbon fiber **Hint Hint*

***Don’t Forget:***
Ken and the guys at HuMn Designs are awesome!!
Ken said he will issue a discount code for readers and friends of this blog!
When you get to checkout use the discount code: ljb15 for 15% off your order!
No limit on your order! How is that for an awesome company!

Don’t forget to check back for my review!

Got the new HuMn Wallet 2 today in carbon fiber, it’s quite a bit different, 1/2 shorter and a cool flat finish!! The rounded corners make it cool!




Same jam packed notice I still have the folded piece of paper in there.


2 responses

  1. Ken

    The NEW Carbon Fiber series in both HW2 & MINI are now available at Check it!

    March 3, 2013 at 4:35 PM

    • Sweet you rock! Ps I love the 2 it’s in my pocket right now!

      March 3, 2013 at 4:38 PM

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