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Product Review: Ball Cap Washers



The 1st one is the original ball cap washer, the 2nd one is from Bed Bath Beyond, you can buy the original on Amazon, both are awesome!

Just put your hat on the top rack of the dishwasher and let it air dry! Then your hat is as good as new!

I do a lot of cardio exercise and I sweat an awful lot and my hats get white with salt stains, use this and they are instantly gone!

The best hats are Under Armour fitted hats, by far! They soak up the sweat and take a beating, and after a bunch of washes, still look like new! See the previous post: Under Armour Tactical IR hat.

If you were baseball hats, buy one if these! With hats costing about $20-30 this will be the best $5-7 you will spend!


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