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Product Review: Under Armour Tactical IR Fitted Hat


I have both the tan and black size L/XL and I love them! I have my military IR Flag patch on them. It’s slightly larger than the Velcro square, but it serves it’s purpose.

The hat is awesome I do a lot of cardio and when I wear it backwards it soaks up the sweat nicely! Once a week I drop it in the hat cleaner (see post here) to remove the salt stains and leave it fresh. I rotate my hats with a couple more… Not just those 2…

I love the Velcro square on top; instead of the metal ball, if you bump your head or have stupid friends who slap you on top of the head, it doesn’t hurt!

If you want a tough rugged hat that wicks away sweat, and takes a beating, buy this hat! …if you can find it! Under Armour is weird, they change their styles too much! I had a hunting hat that is actually made of Under Armour shirt material on the back, it was extreme moisture wicking and dries super fast, the pinnacle of gym hats! And Under Armour stopped making it!



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