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Unemployment rate sky high due to budget cuts and flawed human resources systems

It’s no surprise the World is in a Depression! America likes to call it a Recession, but it’s a Depression! The Government isn’t the only problem! It’s Technology and lazy people!

Email is ruining the hiring process!!

Before the new millennium: If a company received a résumé from a prospect and they liked him/her they would use the number on the resume and call them! They would then tell them to come in for an interview, if they liked them, they hired them!! End of story!!

Now: If they like you they send you a fuckin email to email them back with a good fucking time for them to call you!!!

Human resources pick up the phone and call them!!

Then they call you for a phone interview, then then email you back after the phone interview to email them back to set up an in person interview

You go there, meet, talk, leave, after they email you to email them back to set up second interview then repeat above… Sometimes 3 times!!!!!

They call you and tell you that you get the job or they email you and tell you that you have the job and to report here at a certain date and time.

This is freakin ridiculous!!

A note to Human resources: People not only apply to one place, they apply to a couple and go on a couple interviews.

Sometimes they drive 1-2hrs to get there, spend $20-30 in gas & tolls, $5-10 on resume paper, $10-15 on dry cleaning their suit. Plus wear and tear mileage on their car and you make them do it 2-3 times!!! Then sometimes you don’t hire them and get have to do it all over again!!

You wonder why the unemployment & suicide rates are so high!!!

Stop the bullshit! Pick up a freaking phone and talk to people!! If you have a job don’t be lazy and help people!!! Make things easier for them!!

Ps: that’s the definition of a job! Helping people for money!!!

That’s what a job is!

The Government cutting budgets and causing hiring freezes all over the place is only half the problem!

Lets fix what we can first!!


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