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UFC Overeem is back!!

This is the first power packed UFC roster in a long time!

Frankie Edgar vs Jose Aldo

Rashad Evans vs Little Nog Antonio Rogerio Nogueria

Alistair Overeem vs Bigfoot Silva

Which is actually a joke match! Bigfoot Silva is not up to par with Overeem. Overeem will run over him like a freight train!

So, Overeem is back, after a 1yr suspension for a failed drug test. Do you think the punishment was enough?

Right now, Lance Armstrong’s career has been erased (technically), Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire, Roger Clemens, ARod and others careers are over and disgraced.

Does this discredit MMA as a sport? Is this the black sheep in MMA as Fixed fights were to Boxing? Oh MMA is good, but they are all on juice… Etc.

What do you think?

However you feel, Overeem is back and they heavyweight division better watch out! I think Big Country should go train with Overeem, at the least Overeem can make Big Country lose the fat and become number 1! I think however, if Big Country cuts up he will be a light heavyweight. This could actually be a power packed pair, Overeem as Heavyweight Champ and Big Country as a fit Light Heavyweight Champ!

I am actually wearing Big Country’s Tapout shirt right now lol!

Overeem will be a dominant heavyweight UFC champ soon!!!

m UFC 156 Testosterone Levels Below Normal Levels Below Normal


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Results have come back from drug tests administered to UFC 156 fighters, and they indicate that heavyweight Alistair Overeem’s testosterone levels were below normal.

The event at the start of the month was Overeem’s first since he began his nine-month drug suspension and it was marked by an embarrassing KO at the hands of Antonio Silva in the third round.

But those speculating how a drug-free Overeem would fair already saw the consequences of the low testosterone during the weigh-ins for the fight. One blogger on MMA Freak described him as a much “softer” Overeem to the one that defeated Brock Lesnar more than two years before.

According to MMA Junkie, Overeem not only passed the UFC 156 drug test, but his testosterone levels were in fact well below the lower range for the average male.

“[Overeem’s] testosterone total level actually fell below the normal range of 250-1,100ng/dL,” said MMA Junkie. “Overeem’s total testosterone came in at 179 from the test, which was administered the morning after the fight at 8:25am on Feb. 3.”

The low value could explain this “softer” Overeem.

The Dutch fighter, who has spent most of his career fighting untested in Japan at light heavyweight, shocked everyone as he ballooned to a heavyweight behemoth with next to no fat. Speculations of suspected steroid use only grew louder after he missed a drug test in the run-up to his first UFC fight against Brock Lesnar.

The failed test in his next fight confirmed all the suspicions.

But now, following his first loss in over five years, his testosterone levels seem to have fallen far below normal.

The question now is whether this is a sign of his years of steroid abuse, or overtraining in the run up to UFC 156. His languid, almost disinterested performance on the night, hardly suggests it was the latter.

One bit of “good” news Overeem could draw from this, however, is that he could now have a legitimate claim for a therapeutic use exception for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), allowing him to use steroids legally. But whether a fighter who has been found to be a drugs cheat should be allowed to use TRT is sure to spark fierce debate.

Having low levels isn’t a sign of abuse its a sign of prolonged use or a sign of use with a sudden stop.

Scenario 1: Use and quick stop: when you use it, your body stops producing it to compensate or your levels would be ridiculously high, which is an indication by your testicles shrinking, after you stop it takes a little while to work out of your system and your body to start producing it again, which is why a lot of bodybuilders use HCG with it, because HCG helps to keep the body producing it. When you sudden stop your body will crash making your levels go down.

In theory, he could have never stopped until say 2 weeks before the drug test. knowing that his levels would crash…

Scenario 2: Prolonged use, his body is not producing it as much as it used to, because it is used to getting it (see theory 1) but with prolonged use (a couple years),maybe staying on cycles too long, his body will not be able to recover and supplementation will be needed forever…

I can’t believe he lost!! WOW!

He just ran out of gas! With a year off his cardio should have been crazy sick! Instead it looks like he wasted a year and slacked off…


4 responses

  1. Was Overeem’s last fight against Brock Lesner?

    January 29, 2013 at 3:00 PM

    • Yes, the fight he made Brock Retire!

      January 29, 2013 at 3:03 PM

      • haha yeah he destroyed Brock. Biggest lead up to a 5 minute fight ever haha

        January 29, 2013 at 5:36 PM

      • It was just too soon for Brock to come back after his surgery.

        January 29, 2013 at 7:40 PM

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