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Sports lockouts unfair to fans

Just recently we have experienced an NHL lockout due to the collective bargaining agreement. Previously it was the NBA.

Both sides have their representation. The teams and the players. What about the fans? They fight over money and the fans get screwed!

There should be a Season ticket association! Any game that I canceled the teams and the players association get fined by the season ticket association the money gets distributed to the season ticket holders based on the cost of their seats. The season ticket holders are what makes both sides profitable, shouldn’t they get a fair return on their money instead of just getting the ticket price returned?

After all this is a business!! If you don’t deliver the product on time, you should be fined!

Maybe if we hit them in their pocket we won’t lose half a season or an entire season!! That will spark them into coming into an agreement instead of ceasing talks!!!

Let’s start a season ticket fan association and protect our fans assets!


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