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Invaluable Fitness App: Livestrong MyPlate

Set your weight loss goals Leverage the largest online food libraryTrack your daily caloric intake Log your fitness activities Watch your progress with personalized charts and graphs
With LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate, small daily changes lead to life-changing results.

Join the thousands of members who’ve achieved their own diet and fitness goals with MyPlate.

Start your own success story today!

This app is 50% responsible for my weightloss!

The other 50% is planning my diet plan, sticking to it! And working out!

The good thing about a food diary is: you are reluctant to break the goal and eat junk food, because you don’t want to log it, so it helps keep you on track!

Unlike other food logs, this app has almost every item!!! There are a few I had to add, such as my protein powder and hot sauce. Other apps like Sparkpeople have a poor food list, so it is too hard to calculate, because you have to google almost everything!! That makes it impractical and unenjoyable.

Also, just for using the app, you get mpoints. They are points that add up when you complete tasks and you get to use them for rewards, such as amazon gift certificates.

This app is the best app on the iPhone and one of the best on android! The app is perfect on the iPhone, on android it differs slightly its a little more complicated to use, but it’s still awesome! It’s right up there with Shazam!!

If you want to lose weight/maintain or gain muscle, use this app!

6mo of daily use I just got 10,000 Mpoints (for free) which entitles me to a free $10 Amazon gift card (among other rewards) But since I buy everything on Amazon or Groupon it is a perfect free gift! If only everything was that easy in life!


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  1. freddie

    The LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker can help you reach your diet, weight loss and fitness goals by tracking your daily calories and exercise. Lose weight easily by setting your weight goals and track your calories and progress with our comprehensive online food journal containing over 1 Million food and fitness items. Tracking works. You will lose weight like millions of other members.

    February 16, 2013 at 2:18 PM

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