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Supplement Review: Xtreme Shock Pre-Workout Drink


I normally do not like pre-workout drinks, most contain fat burners or a weaker fat burner. This one for example has 200mg of caffeine that’s as much as a Monster or a red bull! Since I am on a diet and using fat burners, you are not supposed to take any additional caffeine. Which is why I can’t use them. Right now my workout is much later in the day, and I am getting tired before my workout, so I will try this today and see if it helps. I will tell you this: if I can’t sleep tonight I will not use it anymore!

ANS’ Xtreme Shock: World’s Strongest Beta-Alanine, Nitric Oxide, Kre-Alkalyn Muscle Pump & Strength Stack!
America’s #1 Beta-Alanine Leader!

Explosive Strength & Power
Extreme Energy
Massive Muscle Pumps
Intense Vascularity
Razor Sharp Focus
Buffers Lactic Acid
Enhance Recovery
Delays Fatigue
Zero Sugar
Intensifies your Workout to the Max
Xtreme Shock® Pro-Series All-in-One Powder. Just like our drink, now you can reap the benefits of your favorite Beta-Alanine drink whenever you want… just add water! From the very first gulp, Xtreme Shock® muscle pump formula promotes instant muscle energy and strength gains, plus buffers lactic acid build up, allowing you to do more reps to pack on new muscle, faster and easier than ever before.

LOW Carbs, NO Sugar, NO Aspartame and Absolutely NO CRASH!

It tastes like a cheap quality product! The taste was bad and I will not be using again! I did not get a rush of energy, I didn’t not feel any benefits at all, no crazy pump, no vasodilation, nothing!


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