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Supplement Review: Shark Cartilage

Gnc brand- 750mg
The directions are stupid! Serving size 1 pill. Take 1-5 a day.

What are the benefits of taking more than one a day? And if I should be taking more than one, why isn’t it in the directions? It should be, suggested serving 1 a day. Do not exceed 5 pills a day or directions take 3 times a day do not exceed 5 doses.

Anyway, how much is suggested a day? How much can my body absorb a day and at a given time? Sounds like more than one is a waste and a money pit! Today I will do 5 servings, tomorrow and on I will do 1 serving.

Based on the research he has been privy to over many years, Lane, who makes it clear that he is not a medical practitioner, reports that “60 to 70 percent of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis cases have experienced successful reduction in pain when given 1 gram of dry powdered shark cartilage per 15 pounds of body weight.” If capsules of powdered shark cartilage (assuming they are 740-750 mg each) are administered, that dosage would be equivalent to 1 capsule per 11 pounds of body weight. Lane adds, “The effect with arthritis is rapid. You can usually notice a difference within 2 to 3 weeks, due to the anti-inflammatory agent. If results do not occur within 30 days of treatment, this therapy probably will not work for that particular patient.”

Greenburgh, who has adapted shark cartilage therapy in his Missouri practice, uses somewhat different guidelines when treating patients who suffer from arthritis. Like Lane, he uses body weight as a measuring device when determining dosages, but elaborates:”… the stage or state of inflammation is important as well; the bigger the individual and the more advanced the situation, the higher the dosage.” He estimates his dosage platform to be “1 gram of dry powdered shark cartilage per every three to five pounds of body weight.” Greenburgh employs a 90-day program for his patients and says, “I have never been disappointed … and have always noticed a significant change for the better when using this 90-day program.”

Once treatment has been considered successful, Greenburgh reduces the dosage to a maintenance level of “about 1 to 2 capsules three times a day.” When asked what was the best thing about shark cartilage, Greenburgh responded, “The fact that it’s been deemed totally nontoxic by the FDA … I know that I can’t hurt anybody.” Most doctors familiar with shark cartilage generally agree that: (1) It is most effective when the daily dosage is taken orally, three times a day, in equal amounts, about 15 to 20 minutes before meals; (2) When taking dry powdered shark cartilage, every 1 gram of shark cartilage should be mixed in a blender with 2 oz of non-acidic fruit juice or nectar (capsules can be taken with water); (3) If a patient experiences an upset stomach due to the fishy taste, retention enemas can be applied; (4) Due to the antiangiogenetic effect, children, pregnant women, and people who have experienced a recent heart attack should not be taking shark cartilage. It should also be discontinued three months before and after any major surgical procedure.

If I go by the article that’s 24 pills and then 1-2 3xs a day – that’s insane! First of all they are in pill form I think if I took 24 pills my liver would up and die or at least be pissed at me!

It’s the 21st and I have actually stayed with 5 a day. 3 in the morning 2 at night. My shoulder that I had the slap repair was hurting bad after my first PT test and I rested it for over a week, but no improvement. So, my friend told me about this, I was highly skeptical!! Well, after a couple days of 5 pills a day and stretching my shoulder out, the pain is gone! Oh, and a bunch of Aleve (Naproxen Sodium) too. Anyway, I will continue to rest and stretch it for another week or two and stick to light bicep, tricep, chest (flies) no incline!, back (to help stretch it out, very light) and a ton of abs and hr cardio mostly on the stairmaster, that way I don’t do any damage. If the Air Force finally pays me for the hurricane, I may return to therapy for a week or two also.

I really can’t believe this stuff is working!!! What other animals can we grind up and ingest? F?!k Peta!!

I just hope they keep making Shark Cartilage supplements, otherwise there may be my picture hanging at the local aquariums, watch out for this 266lb man, he may jump into your shark tank and gnaw on a sharks nose! Sharks will have beware of me signs instead of the other way around…lol

try this stuff!

I abandoned the product! Opted for Aleve… I might give it another try, as my shoulder feels better, but my knee has been acting up…


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