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Product Review: Cryogel – icy hot on crack!


Cryogel Ocean Sport 4oz. tube
combines potent natural extracts of Arnica, Menthol, Camphor and Witch Hazel with the penetrating power of MSM while offering a Cool, Refreshing Scent. Cryogel quickly cools the affected area bringing fast soothing comfort while its deep penetrating ingredients go to work for long lasting relief.

This stuff rocks! It’s like icy hot on crack!! It instantly cools then burns then cools its crazy!!! Even Rampage Jackson loves this stuff!

As you know (if you read my blog) I tore my labrum. I took my first post surgery PT test in the Air Force this past weekend and completed 42 quality push-ups in a minute. Which is normally half of what I usually do, but it was enough. Anyway, the next day my shoulder was in pain! I tried aspercreme for 2 days with no result! The pain persisted! I switched to my Cryogel and boom it started feeling better Immediately! I am going to continue use for a few more days just to be safe.

This stuff rocks!! Try it! If you regularly use these types of products, forget the competition, you better stock up on Cryogel!


One response

  1. Gerald

    Sounds a bit like BioFreeze. Will check it out.

    January 12, 2013 at 1:54 PM

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