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Discovery brings back Dual Survival!! But Cody Lundin gets a new Partner…

All-New Season Begins Tuesday, January 1!

Experts agree there are some very basic and universal rules for surviving in the wild. Find shelter, find water, find food, find help. Beyond that, there’s not much they agree on.

None know this better than Cody Lundin and Joseph Teti, who take on some of the planet’s most unforgiving terrain to demonstrate, in their own way, how the right skills and some creative thinking can keep you alive.

Together, with their drastically different backgrounds, the survivalists are dropped into a scenario that could happen to anyone: marooned boaters, lost hikers, stranded mountain climbers. Equipped with minimal gear that would have been carried in the real-life situations, Lundin and Teti must draw upon their arsenal of skills to devise extraordinary ways to use what they can find in their surroundings, as well as ordinary objects, and demonstrate what it takes to stay alive.

The all-new season begins on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 with the one-hour special DUAL SURVIVAL: UNBRAIDED airing at 8/7c and the first episode of the new season airing

Cody’s new Partner:

Joseph Teti


Joseph Teti is a veteran of both US military and US government special operations units. He is a former Force Recon Marine, Army Special Forces “Green Beret”, and a former operator in a highly classified government counter-terrorist unit.

He is a combat veteran of both OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) in Iraq, and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) in Afghanistan. He planned and conducted a broad range of special operations missions covering the entire operational continuum. These missions gave the President of the United States an option when overt military and / or diplomatic actions were not viable or politically feasible. Operations of this nature required rapid response with surgical application of a wide variety of unique skills, while maintaining the lowest possible profile of U.S. involvement. He has participated in numerous classified direct action missions with several Tier 1 SMU’s (Special Mission Units).

Joseph has performed high-risk PSD (Personal Security Detail) operations in Afghanistan and Iraq for U.S. government and civilian clients. He was also a member of a U.S. State Department close protection team assigned to several high profile government officials and visiting diplomats in Israel. Working out of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, and the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem, he operated in high-risk areas throughout the country to include Ramallah, Abu Dis, Jericho, The Gaza Strip and the West Bank. He has extensive experience and training in fully armored vehicle operations, advance team operations, motorcade operations, CAT (Counter Assault Team) operations and surveillance / counter surveillance operations.

A graduate of over 30 formal schools in regards to special operations, his skill sets and experiences are highly diverse. He has attended several survival schools over his career and is one of a few individuals in the world that hold an instructor certification in tactical tracking operations from legendary tracker and former Rhodesian SAS (Special Air Service), and Selous Scout, David Scott-Donelan.

He has held a TOP SECRET-SCI with polygraph security clearance, the highest security clearance awarded by the U.S. government.

-Discovery Channel


Cody Lundin Announces Dual Survival Changes

Prescott, June 13,2012 – As this has already been publicly confirmed, Dave Canterbury is no longer a part of Dual Survival. This fact has been true since September of 2011.

I have faced many questions regarding this change and much has been said on the Internet as well. Any inquiries regarding this matter should be directed to Discovery Channel. However, since I have no doubt that the questions will continue, and I have an ethical and professional responsibility to do so, I am making the following statement.

The goal of the survival instructor is to keep people alive. To accomplish this goal, honesty, integrity, trust and competence must come first. These core values cannot be compromised or people’s lives are needlessly put at risk. In a profession where human lives are at stake, dishonesty about ones background and experience is an inexcusable breach of trust.

I have dedicated my life to this profession. It is my passion and livelihood and I have spent the past 23 years developing expertise in it. I hold the responsibility of being a survival skills instructor as sacred. It is incumbent upon all of us in this field to insist that the highest standards of honesty, integrity and honor are maintained at all times.

For all of the aforementioned reasons, I am proud to work with my new Dual Survival partner as we take the show to even greater levels. This is my final statement on the matter at this time. To my fans and to those who have offered support during this very challenging time, I offer my greatest gratitude and thanks.

Cody Lundin

Bushmaster Post:
I want to put this Dave Canterbury (aka “The Pathfinder”) issue to bed. He was asked to leave, by ME. He had violated the advertising and self-promotion rule numerous times, but had several chances, which others have not received, as I am sure they will attest to. Canterbury decided to call it politics when I informed him that he needed to make the 100 post minimum like everyone else. Part of his response was “I am not some unknown knife maker brother.” I am not a knife maker, but that is pretty insulting to me. He felt he was above the rules, because he is “The Pathfinder.” He’s not.

I knew he had falsified his military experience, and as a combat veteran, and disabled at that, I take a dim view of folks lying about their service, and disparaging the people who have actually giving their time, blood and sometimes their lives, to the service of their country. It does not matter if you served in combat, peace time, are disabled or not. If you served, then you served, and I respect you…as long as you do not compromise your integrity in telling about your service.

Here are the facts about David Michael Canterbury. He has had a couple of aliases, but we will use the name on his military records. I have acquired a copy of his military records, through the POW Network, via the Freedom of Information Act.

Claims by Mr. Canterbury, from his own words on this site, as well his biography on Discovery and his personal site (some of these items disappeared the last week of June 2010, but I have PDF files of his Airborne, Air Assault & Ranger claims HERE). His claims are in bold, followed by the facts as presented in his official military records.

1. Over 20 years of Combined Military and Civilian Survival: No survival training annotated in military records.
2. US Military Veteran 1981-1988: Actual dates of Service: 12/03/1981 to 11/25/1987.
3. Airborne: FALSE
4. Air Assault: FALSE
5. Ranger: FALSE
6. Sniper: Not US Army Sniper. He DID attend a local 4th ID Sniper/Counter-Sniper Class (2 wks – 1986).
7. Scout: FALSE. He only attended the Law Enforcement 95B Course. He was an MP ONLY, not a 19D Scout.
8. SRT Member: He did attend the local 4th ID Course (2 wks – 1986).
9. SRT Coordinator and Instructor: He could have been a coordinator, but until doctrine changed in 1993 (after he was out), you had to be an E-6 (SSG) in order to be an instructor. Canterbury never attained this rank.
10. Performed Security Escorts for Military Equipment in Korea for Specialized Equipment to Forward areas near the DMZ between North and South Korea 1983-85: According to his military record, while stationed in South Korea, he was an “ID Badge Clerk.”
11. Squad Leader 4th ID 1982-1983: Not unless they make Privates squad leaders.
12. Instructor in Close Quarters Combat in US, Central America and Korea: See #9.

Military Decorations and Awards:
1. Army Service Ribbon (For completing AIT) (x1)
2. Army Good Conduct Ribbon (x1)
3. Overseas Service Ribbon (x1)
4. Army Achievement Medal (x2)
5. Expert Badge with bars: auto rifle, pistol & hand grenade
6. Driver’s Badge

I disparage no one from being a success. I love success stories! I do however, abhor someone with no integrity, and refuse to hold them in high esteem, regardless of their accomplishments, especially when those accomplishments were achieved through lies and deceit, and at the expense of good people.

This is not a board for Dave Canterbury. This is a board for bushcraft, and although we may experience mission creep, it is still about the outdoors, and the honor and integrity of ALL of US.

Bushcraft USA will not celebrate, nor honor, those with no honor. posted by the founder of bushcraft…

I will not comment on Dave’s Situation.. I actually liked him on the show, however signs do point to him not being all he claimed, especially his inability to start a fire, I learned how to make a fire in the Boy Scouts! The time he couldn’t find kindling he could have cut a swatch of his clothing, especially in a life threatening situation.

Mostly, I enjoyed the bickering between Dave and Cody, especially when he calls him a hippie lol

I will miss Dave, but I am eager to see what we can learn from the new guy Joe!

I am also eager to see the dynamic between Cody and Joe how will Joe receive Cody, and Cody’s barefoot ways… Will it just hinder and slow him down?

Check it out Jan. 1st New Year’s Day! On Discovery!

The 8-9pm episode is just Cody and Joe’s bio’s but it is awesome!! You got an inside view of Cody’s awesome off the grid gorgeous!!! House!

And you also got to see a little of Joe’s. Joe asked what everyone in America wanted to see, a close up of the bottom of Cody’s feet lol

This episode is awesome!! I can’t wait to see the real show at 9!!

9pm’s episode was cool, I like the dynamic, especially when Cody tried to call joe dumb by saying Physics starts with a P, Joe actually took it well, I probably would have said, who are you insinuating is dumb? You barefoot, pregnant, tree hugging hippie!

Do you know one thing you never see them doing? They never poop! Is that one condition in Cody’s contract? The cameramen carry baby wipes, so he doesn’t have to wipe his butt with a leaf? I understand not showing it, but they never even show them prepping aka digging a hole or finding a leaf to use or one go and one pull security etc.

Last week they were in South Africa and Cody and Joe disagreed about sleeping locations, Cody got lucky!! He slept in a tree and Joe was right cats climb trees!! Joe slept in a bush of thorns! I definitely would have taken my chance with the bush of thorns and probably would have built a bunch of small fires around it to keep animals away.

After watching a bunch of episodes with Joe Teti, if you guys don’t love him as a co-host you are crazy! This guys skills are awesome!! With Cody’s instruction, his primitive fire skills are getting pretty good. Let’s face it, in today’s society, when is a guy like him not going to be in the wilderness without a magnesium bar, lighter or some other fire making tools! Do I like him better than Dave? Yes, because his skills are much much better! Would I like to see an episode with all 3 of them at the same time, HELL YEAH!!! I would love to see them team up on Cody lol, Don’t get me wrong Cody is Crazy walking around in shorts and no shoes all over the world, and I like Crazy! I definitely give him props for that! Not many people hold true to their values even under extreme conditions. That’s what separates the men from the boys! I would never do that, beyond walking around barefoot in the summer in my neighborhood. Once I get a piece of glass or a metal shard in my foot…Its all over!!!

**Update** October 3rd 2013
I looked at Cody’s site and it says this past season: Season 3 with Joe Teti was the highest ever rated season of Dual Survival! I can’t wait till season 4! Joe is awesome!!!


14 responses

  1. B. Sullivan

    I watched the new show and personally I like Dave better. Probably won’t watch anymore of this show. Joe and Cody just don’t seem to hit it off.

    January 4, 2013 at 10:35 AM

    • Did you see the coming attractions for the season? I think the sparks will fly!I like the way he hunted the pig. However, I don’t like that he used a preconfigured spear and not an improvised weapon, anyone can kill a boar if they have a spear. Keep watching, you be sorry! The new season looks awesome!

      January 4, 2013 at 11:14 AM

  2. Running Bear

    It was the dynamic of watching Dave and Cody together. I didn’t realize it was mainly the “bare-footed hippie’s” show and not about 2 people from completely diverse backgrounds trying to survive together. That’s what made the show interesting. This is freaking show business and they were FUN to watch BOTH together! We didn’t see the entire Bush administration fired because they lied about 911, did we? I guess Abbott never lied to Costello or vice versa. Hey, let’s replace Barney from the Flintstones. I can easily go on. I’m sure everyone’s resume in Hollywood is completely honest, huh folks? WAKE UP!!
    This is TV people…if Cody wants to teach survival course let him do it online! This new, honest, clean-cut momma’s guy, while he might have all the “qualifications”.. there is zero dynamic between them. I watched the new episode for 10 minutescand was ready to puke, especailly where Cody breaks down and cries over 5 year old not wanting to empty her bath to conserve water! I, and I am sure many PREVIOUS viewers would agree, have no interest in seeing Cody’s “amazing” dirt house and could care less that his grandparents cut off the heads of chickens to survive. If that’s what the Discovery Channel and Mr. Barefoot think makes for good TV…good luck! My prediction is this season and the show will not survive!
    Thanks for ruining another good show. Hope you at least have the integrity of posting this comment. If not, I’ll just keep reposting it until you do. Gotta go now and take a long hot shower.

    January 5, 2013 at 12:50 PM

    • I agree the crying part was horrible, and hilarious! My daughter doesn’t waste water wahhh. But that was the preshow show, the actual show was at 9 and I enjoyed it, Cody was typical Cody, leave the snake alone and Joe was like Dave, no I’m gonna kill it…

      Anyway, about the military record, it is against the law to lie about your background and integrity is a core tenant in the military, he should have said I trained with the Rangers and SF.

      January 5, 2013 at 1:14 PM

      • Will

        Pure symantics… The show was successful and you need to get off your high horse about integrity. Dave was the show and he taught mr. Dogooder Lundin a thing or two especially with the stupid log boat hollowed out by fire that instantly sank when introduced to the water. This show was about survival not about resumes and unless your perfect you should shut up

        January 16, 2013 at 7:00 PM

      • I hope the “you” is referring to Cody and not me! As far as Dave goes, I did say I liked Dave on the show, but he shouldn’t have Allegedly lied about his background. As for the boat, it was a great idea, however I would not have ditched it like they did, I would have built arms like a Polynesian boat.

        January 16, 2013 at 9:29 PM

  3. Monty Powers

    I agree with Dennis on this one…besides, i don’t believe ALL information is available in military records. I have had military friends in recent years who have had to go away for extreme survival training, and they weren’t allowed to talk about ANY of it. The standard response was “All I can tell you is that it SUCKED.” I don’t believe for a second that classified information like that is available to the general public, “Freedom of Information Act” or not.

    January 11, 2013 at 6:31 PM

  4. Jeff

    I’m all for barefooting it – been doing it since I was a kid. However, Cody Ludin’s barefoot exploits are exaggerated. There is a thing called ‘critical thinking’ that will make it obvious that he does not go everywhere barefooted. The Dual Survivor show (rigged and nothing remotely close to “Survivor Man”) only shows him going barefoot on fairly smooth surfaces. When it does show him barefooting it through difficult terrain, he’s tippy-toeing like he’s walking on coals and he moves nowhere near as fast as his shod companion. Also, the shots are very short (staged).

    I did barefoot running for awhile and got up to nine miles on pavement/sidewalks completely unshod (6 miles on trails). But all it took was one small piece of broken acorn shell to get my foot infected such that I had to get it surgically cut out and take antibiotics to stop the infection.

    I still go barefooted as much as I can, but NO ONE (human, at least) can traverse the terrain that Ludin does on his show without repercussions that would halt barefooting for awhile. Our feet can only become so tough, but never as tough as dried leather or rubber.

    I appreciate the naturalist approach Ludin has, but if he alleges he goes barefooted everywhere, especially in the rough terrain and conditions his show is based on, then he is a poser. Critical thinking is critical.

    January 15, 2013 at 9:50 PM

    • Will

      I like he uses baby wipes when he is “surviving” I guess that’s what we used naturally right? He’s a fraud!

      January 16, 2013 at 7:03 PM

      • What I said was, We don’t know what they use! What do they use? Leaves, baby wipes? Is it in their contract that, that is the only area where they will not go?

        January 16, 2013 at 9:31 PM

  5. Jim Beam

    You want me to fall for this garbage.You could of fired Cody, and just had Dave alone.Look at Codys website. Anything to make a dime. With no hard work.

    February 19, 2013 at 5:36 PM

    • maybe so, but he didn’t lie/exaggerate

      February 19, 2013 at 8:23 PM

  6. I say this pretty regularly, but I really wish Dave stood a chance of coming back on the show. Really miss him :(. Triple survival for an episode or two anyone?

    I don’t even care that Dave padded his resume. It’s common practice, and in my opinion, nothing to get that upset over. Maybe that’s just because I liked him on the show, though.

    December 3, 2013 at 11:44 PM

    • I wouldn’t mind him coming back for an episode of 2 however, I see them all dying if that happened!
      Cory and Dave fought incessantly and I think Dave and Joe would also fight and the 3 of them would get nothing done and freeze to death fighting! Or Joe the real deal! Will have a flashback and snap; killing Dave and Cody as they sleep! Lol

      As far as the résumé padding. It’s common practice to stretch the details of a résumé. For example: janitor = sanitation engineer!

      Now say for example you worked at the NY public library and you were the janitor there and president Clinton happened to walk in for the day and you met him in the bathroom as you were cleaning. It is not publicly acceptable to put on your résumé: President Clinton’s personal janitor! I’m sure it’s illegal also!

      When it comes to a military résumé it is illegal to pad your résumé! You can’t say you are a green beret if in fact you aren’t. You can’t wear a medal if you didn’t earn it.

      Anyone caught could face fraud charges and imprisonment if they so desired!

      December 4, 2013 at 12:08 AM

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