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Controversy: Technology and our youth = social retardation

Today’s youth is much different then youth of the past, with advances in technology comes advances in intellect, but it also comes with a price…

It’s no secret that America has become technology oriented and industry and trades have gone down. How many 20-40 something’s parents were: plumbers, electricians, factory workers, painters, automotive workers, fisherman, farmers etc…

Now as these 20-40 something’s have children and we ask their children what their parents are most of them will probably say: doctors, lawyers, insurance brokers, salesman, stock brokers, computer scientists, consultants, human resources agents etc…

With all the craziness in the world especially with what happened in Ct a fee days ago, children don’t go outside
and play like they used to. My parents used to say come home do you homework, is it done? Ok get out and don’t come back till I yell its time for dinner or don’t come back till 6pm or it starts to get dark.

Now, it’s like go watch tv or go play Xbox or stay in the backyard and play!

We used to drive our bikes to the woods and go offloading or build tree forts in the woods, go fishing, hiking (I still go hiking regularly) etc…

Anyway, to the point kids today lack the social skills that we developed by interacting with each other and the outside world.

Today, kids text, tweet, email and Facebook (f?!k fb!), don’t forget computer dating and chat rooms. They interact with technology and not each other.

This has happened a few times, when you text and something is funny you type lol which means laugh out loud, on numerous occasions (and it happened yesterday) I heard a kid at the gym say laugh out loud in conversation! Are you serious!! His friend told a joke and instead of laughing he laughed and said laugh out loud at the same time!!!

Ex: Q: Why did the tomato turn red?
A: Because it saw the salad dressing

“Haha ha laugh out loud haha ha”

I’m like, are you kidding me? Seriously you just said that…

Not to mention their spelling has gone to hell due to spell check and texting shorthand. how r u today? Gud wht bout u

It’s our fault! If you don’t want them to go out and play, then you need to make time and go out and play with them! Not stick them in front of the tv or on the computer all day. Take them hiking, go ride a bike with them etc…

Make at least an hour a day where you go outside with your children, even if it is dark!

Go for a walk or bike ride after dinner, take them to the gym instead of dumping them off there, take them shopping, toss a ball around (if its dark and you hit them in the head, guess what they will live! And they will probably learn to get their hands up and catch the ball! Lol

Do something!!!


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