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Diets: Carb Back Loading Diet…Can it REALLY be that easy? *


Can it really be that Easy?

Started carb back today! Here’s to 9 more days of 0 carbs!


For my size I cook: 3lbs of ground turkey I add 1 bell pepper any color, 1 jalapeño (in going to up it to 2), 4tbsp ground cayenne pepper, 2 tbsp (optional) Garam masala, 1 can of beans (make sure you rinse them out) (I rotate between dark red kidney beans, white beans & black beans)

I then use a food scale and portion it out to 6 8oz portions. I then top each portion with 1tbsp of mct oil.

For the first 10 days:
I wake up at 5am have caffeine and 1curamed tablet (see curcumin post here) I have a cup of tea at 7am, 1scoop eat the bear protein at 7:15am and then at 9am I start the 8oz portions every 2 hrs till I go to the gym at 6pm, I work out till 7:15 immediately have 1scoop eat the bear protein with 1tsp beta alanine, 1 scoop concrete and 1tsp benefiber.

30min later I go home to cook tomorrow’s food and weigh out. As its cooking I eat my final 8oz portion because I need the container for tomorrow.

Before bed I take 1pack animal pm (see animal pm post here)


This time I used a food processor

This time used dark red kidney beans, green pepper, red Serrano peppers, fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, garlic, tumeric, cardamom, cinnamon and paprika. This recipe tastes totally different then the one above and you will even see common spices: garlic, cayenne, cinnamon. The funny part is tumeric and cardamom are both in garam masala and it still tastes totally different.

Remember just cause you are on a diet does not mean you have to eat bland food! Spices are a gift from the gods! That’s why in ancient days they had the spice trade, people were tired of eating bland food and wanted to eat like kings!

Spices are everywhere now a days, you can even get them in a dollar store! If you want quality spices for cheap, look in an import store, a Asian market, Indian grocery, Middle Eastern/Turkish deli etc

Spice up your life!

Today I used the same 3lbs ground turkey and added: garlic, green bell pepper, red Serrano pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, paprika, hot yellow curry powder and black beans.

Even this tastes different from the recipe above, experiment!
Today I made a Spanish inspired, Sazon Goya inspired recipe:
I used 1 green bell pepper, 2 jalapeño peppers, fresh cilantro, fresh garlic, fresh lemon juice, coriander, cumin, cayenne pepper, paprika and cinnamon

Today I used my Thai peanut chicken salad recipe: carrots, fresh garlic, fresh cilantro, rice wine vinegar 5tbsp, pb2 5tbsp, water 3tbsp plus cayenne pepper and cinnamon

Optional: Bragg Liquid Aminos (healthy soy sauce substitute) 4-5 tbsp

For my first post workout carb back loading I had 2 slices of sweet potato and bacon pizza tomorrow I am having a sweet potato sushi roll


Went back to fresh garlic, garam masala, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, red beans, but ran out of peppers so I chopped up a few pickles (I only use Lowell a polish brand)

Tonight post workout carb back: uncrustables!

**Update** September 6th 2013
I have an alternate Thai peanut sauce recipe:
Cook ground turkey plain (recipe for 3lbs uncooked ground turkey)
In a small saucepan (pot) pour in 1 1/2 cups low sodium chicken broth being to boil add 4-6 tbsp organic natural peanut butter or pb2 and stir in. Add cayenne pepper, fresh garlic, lime juice from 1/2 a lime, fresh cilantro and fresh garlic once mixed fully take of heat and immediately pour over ground turkey and mix in.


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