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Skinny Jonah Hill – Not as Funny…


Just Watched the Watch, it was terrible!!
Why is skinny Jonah Hill not as funny as Fat Jonah Hill?
The Watch, 21 Jump Street (21 Jump Street was good, because Channing Tatum was really funny in that movie funnier than Skinny Jonah Hill)


Superbad, get him to the greek, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Evan Almighty, those he was hilarious!!


now he is even Skinnier!!! Is his career over? something tells me Django Unchained isn’t going to be a funny movie, so add that to the list… True Story is a drama coming out… add that to the list.

John Candy… Dead
Chris Farley… Dead
John Belushi… Dead
Lou Costello… Dead
Oliver Hardy… Dead
Curly Howard… Dead
Shemp Howard… Dead
Rodney Dangerfield… Dead
John Goodman’s Career… Dead
Fat Jonah Hill… Dead

No one is Left!!!

Chris Farley is barely on that list for me, because I hate stupid funny and every movie he was the same…
Beverly Hills Ninja was my Favorite I have to admit! and Austin Powers Fat Bastard is funnier than Farley ever was!

**Update** June 5th 2014
A few days ago he got in trouble for using a discriminatory slur at a paparazzi. He said faggot and has accepted it and apologized like a real man! … That wasn’t funny! He’s still not as funny as fat Jonah Hill! In fact Fat Jonah Hill probably wouldn’t have said that, because he knew what it was like to be teased!

Don’t like you Skinny Jonah Hill go to a burger joint and eat! Anyone, 5 guys, what a burger, in and out, 25 burgers… Just go eat!


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