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Groupon – special deals treasure chest or collection of useless junk to waste money on?

What is Groupon?

It’s a site that offers daily deals on restaurants, goods and services usually local to you or anywhere you search.

Has Groupon benefitted its clients? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. What do I mean by that?

Well, in my case it has allowed me to discover places I wouldn’t normally go such as: El Ay Si

and Tommy Chengs.

In some cases it has attracted a new subspecies of cheapskates known as the grouponites (I just made that up :p) they only go to places that offer a Groupon and will only go again when that place issues another Groupon. They also usually only order what the Groupon covers and won’t order any extra items or exceed the Groupon amount.

Groupon has also allowed me to discover events happening in the area such as: The Terracotta Warrior Exhibit.

Now, that brings me to the goods section…

I have purchased numerous goods that I may not have needed, some I always wanted, but haven’t purchased and others I didn’t know about.

Products like my awesome Asus Transformer tablet

Himalayan salt lamp (I always wanted one)

Cisco wireless router (needed one)

dash egg cooker (didn’t really need, but helps with my diet and I absolutely love the product for the price)

Other products like $90 of Omaha steaks I really didn’t need… But steaks are a benefit and sometimes cool.

Products I didn’t buy like: $69 for a gallery wrapped canvas art print, $21 for escali glass kitchen scale; might be junk for me, but it might be a treasure deal for someone else!

Be frugal, and be smart and Groupon will benefit you!

Now there are even Groupon like copy cat sites

just got my niece sock monkey headphones for Christmas only $20.33

and my Nephew a Pop Vinyl Figure he collects

I also bought a Groupon for Muscle Maker Grill. I love that place see the review here, as well as El Ay Si and Tommy Chengs among others
I used the Muscle Maker Groupon and got 2 Godfather Meals over Broccoli – Grilled Chicken in Balsamic Vinegar with mushrooms, roasted peppers topped with Mozzarella cheese. Ate one for lunch and brought one home for dinner and after I used it, it was still for sale, so I bought another!


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