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Recipe: LJB’s Emergency Roadside Tuna

Clean Eating in a Dirty World!

Do you often find yourself out and about and hungry?

Well, I have a solution!

Recipe: LJB’s Emergency Roadside Tuna

Always keep a packet or a pop top can of tuna either in your bag or your glove compartment or even both.

Lets all face it plain tuna tastes like dried wood chips! I’m going to show you a tuna recipe that you can make at any road side rest station or at a hotel such as the Hampton inn.

1 can tuna
1 packet mayo
1 packet honey

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and enjoy.

You can add a packet of lemon/lime juice if you can find it, but you don’t need it.

There is a new fad hitting the mainstream that has been around, probably since the dawn of time:
The Doomsday Prepper:
Be prepared – the Boyscout motto

Well these individuals are prepared for any emergency situation!

You can add this recipe to your bugout bag or your EDC – everyday carry

See future posts for these tips.

I ate this for lunch for 16 days on the Hurricane Sandy Antilooting & Search & Rescue Task Force

I keep my fat free mayo in a different fridge then my other mayo, don’t ask why just go with it. Anyway, I didn’t feel like going upstairs to the other fridge so, I had a container of deli cole slaw an I figured there is mayo an probably vinegar or sour cream in there so, lets just mix a can of tuna in with a half a cup of coleslaw, guess what… It wasn’t bad! So, basically in an emergency situation or in a pinch don’t be afraid to experiment!

Total: 270 Calories – 100 for tuna 170 for coleslaw.

12g fat
15g carbs
27g protein


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