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AT&T mobile fails in time of crisis, but Verizon prevails! Butler power & light, Butler NJ – looses ALL of their customers power!

After, Hurricane Sandy smashed the New York area, the citizens are left to clean up the mess. In NJ, Butler power couldn’t handle the storm and lost all of their customers, due to faulty transformers and they needed help from JCP&L. In my case a giant tree in my neighbors yard tore down all the wires ripping them from several houses, blocking the road and crushing the neighbors fairly new Ford Fusion.

In other words the power here is going to be out for quite some time! The power company said they will fix the pole, but will not reattach their meters to the house, and a separate repairman sent from your insurance company must attach it. Wow! They won’t attach their own meters!

To make things worse, the town cut the tree out of the road, but left the giant piece on top of my neighbors car and told him that he has to pay to remove it, and its not even his tree! It’s the neighbors tree!

AT&T on the other hand, shows they have mobile service, my phone has 3 bars and AT&T 3G but no calls or data will go through, that’s telling me that AT&T themselves have disabled service.

Way to take care of your clients AT&T!

Today the 31st AT&T resumed service intermittently, finally later in the evening it stabilized. Too bad the storm was the night of the 29th!

All day today the race for gas was underway, 2-3hr waits at the gas stations that actually had gas.

The rest of the town resumed power tonight about 5-6pm. I was told a few more days for us.

The one house that really needs it! (Both my parents have cancer) my mother is recovering from breast cancer surgery and currently has an infection, and my father was just diagnosed with a rare skin cancer! Hopefully the wait won’t be much longer!

I was attached to the 106th Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery Anti-looting & Search and Rescue Task Force. The devastation in Long Island shore communities such as Mastic Beach and Lindenhurst was terrible! The towns looked like Battle-Torn Iraq! It was truly sad! However, some citizens took advantage of the system and when I warned them of incoming waters they refused to move their cars! Saying “we have been here before with high waters and we know the tide tables” causing me to rebut: but you haven’t been here with a Hurricane and Nor’easter!” They refused to move their cars causing me to believe they did it for the insurance money! And people wonder why the insurance rates are so high in NJ & NY!!!

The biggest problem with the disaster was lack of communication! Properties devastated, lands flooded, some houses washed away, vehicles destroyed and stuck, people relocated and no cellular communication, because AT&T failed!!! A lot of those houses lost their landlines due to down trees. All they had was a cell phone that was just a brick!

I received a message from AT&T saying they are waving call and data overages for the month due to the storm.

1. no service = no calls! = no overage

2. I have unlimited data and texts! = No overage!

Thanks AT&T!

So much for their BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) you better review and rewrite your plans, because they didn’t work!!!!

Corporations, I can help you! 😉


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