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Xi3 Modular Computer – reinventing and redefining the micro-computer


As small as an iPhone!

It mounts to the back of the flat screen!

Do you need more storage?

Want a custom color?

Well, what exactly are we looking at? A tiny computer? Well, not exactly…
We are looking at cutting edge futuristic technology that is here today!
What do I mean? Well instead of using a preconfigured motherboard they use a new cutting edge modular motherboard!

Oh no the processors are too slow or the ram is too slow… What do we do? Throw it out or use it for a render farm or test network. Nope! We replace the modular part of the motherboard and viola! A new computer!! We can also change different backplanes for different configurations!

Well what would a server room look like? Giant racks and racks… Hot and cold isles, severe air conditioning and humidity systems?


Changing the World of Computing Forever

As important as computers have become in our homes and offices, the reality is that they are also quite limiting.

In fact, most computers are designed to help us do one or two things quite well — like word processing, number crunching, creating or watching videos, surfing the Internet or sending email. Otherwise, that’s it.

Unfortunately, the ongoing rush of technological advancements means that our computers are out-of-date the moment we begin using them. Until finally — 2, 3, 4 years later — it’s time to buy a replacement machine, and we start the process all over again.

Such built-in obsolescence is not only frustrating, but it’s very expensive and not very good for the environment either. If only there was a way to break out of this cycle. Thankfully there is.

Introducing Xi3® Corporation.
Xi3 Corporation is empowering everyone to take control of their technological lives with the Xi3 Computer Architecture: An elegant new approach to technology that utilizes building block-like modularity to allow us to create new types of computers, as well as easily transform existing Xi3 Modular Computers with new capabilities and functionality.

A subsidiary of ISYS Technologies, Inc., Xi3 Corporation is charged with taking the Xi3 Modular™ Computer and related Xi3 Computer Architecture products throughout the world.

Although the Xi3 Modular Computer runs x86-based operating systems and applications, comparisons to standard PCs end there.

The Power of Modularity.
The first thing people notice about Xi3 Modular Computers is their small, cube-like shape — 4-inches or less per side on the outside. And yet, the soft finish surface of the extruded aluminum chassis and the chrome-plated honeycomb-shaped endcaps evoke feelings of a finely tuned racecar.

But good looks alone mean nothing without true power under the hood, and the Xi3 Modular Computer delivers here as well, both today and for years to come. Central to the power, functionality and capabilities of the Xi3 Modular Computer is the fact that the Xi3 Computer Architecture breaks the traditional mold of a computer motherboard by subdividing it into three separate but interconnected modules:
The Xi3 Processor Module,
The Primary I/O Module, and
The Secondary I/O Module.
The Xi3 Processor Module contains the microprocessor, RAM and Northbridge chip of the Xi3 Modular Computer. Conversely, the Primary I/O Module handles the majority of external communications and contains the Southbridge chip within the Xi3 Modular Computer, while the Secondary I/O Module is responsible for power and video management

By separating different computing functions onto three distinct boards, the Xi3 Computer Architecture allows us to easily, simply and inexpensively update, upgrade, modify, replace and repair Xi3 Modular Computers. And it really is simple: Remove 4 screws, slide out the 3 interconnected modules, remove the module in question and replace it with a new one, put it all back together, plug it in and turn it on.

As a result, our computers no longer are limited to a likely shelf-life of 3-5 years, but instead can be expected to have a useful life of 6, 8, even 10 years, merely by replacing outdated gear with the latest and greatest technology advancements. And you can do so at a fraction of the cost to purchase a new machine.

The Green Benefits.
Not buying a new computer every 3, 4 or 5 years has other benefits too.

For one, it means that we get to significantly decrease the amount of eWaste polluting our planet because one Xi3 Modular Computer can fill the lifetime role of two or three traditional computers.

Additionally, the Xi3 Modular Computer only needs 20 Watts of electricity to operate versus the standard of 100 to 400 Watts for most personal computers. This is clearly a huge benefit, both to the environment and to our pocketbooks.

Beyond the Xi3 Modular Computer, however, Xi3 Corporation is also taking the Xi3 Z3RO™ Module to market — an even smaller, low-profile and low-power device that runs off of the Xi3 Modular Computer. In fact, up to three Z3RO Modules can be connected to and driven by one Xi3 Modular Computer, creating four separate computing sessions at a significantly lower cost per seat.

And at less than 1 Watt of power per Z3RO Module, the electricity savings alone mean that a combination Xi3 Modular Computer/Z3RO Module solution can pay for itself in 18 months or less.

Xi3 Corporation — Elegant Modularity Empowering You.
The Xi3 Modular Computer and related Xi3 Computer Architecture products create a whole new way of approaching computing.

We can now decide how long we want our computers to last and what functions we want to perform with them. If we decide that we’d really like to upgrade our computer’s capabilities, doing so is now easier than ever before — through Xi3 Corporation.

The fact is that we can take such smart steps and save ourselves money in the process because we buy less often to accomplish the same tasks. And we have the additional benefit of saving even more money because we use less energy to run these machines.

On top of this, we also create less harm to the environment by choosing computing technology from Xi3 Corporation, creating another added benefit everyone can enjoy.

We at Xi3 Corporation invite you to learn more about our elegant modular approach to computing and how modular computers can change the way you think about, and use, technology.

Key Advantages to Xi3™

XI3™ is adaptable for all types of computing.

Our central goal at Xi3 Corporation is to replace today’s single-purpose computing technologies with a multi-purpose architecture called Xi3. Xi3 is an advanced, standardized core-processing technology that provides four key advantages:

1. Advanced feature sets:
Xi3 is a new architectural standard, one complete with advanced backplane designs and superior cooling processes. By coupling these advances to a standard architecture, Xi3 provides manufacturers with the ability to introduce more advanced feature sets into a diverse field of products.

2. Greater versatility:
The patented Xi3 architecture developed by ISYS Technologies, Inc. and licensed to Xi3 Corporation removes the peripherals from the substrate and makes logic interchangeable and adjustable, thus allowing a computer’s application to be varied or manipulated at will.

3. True scalability:
Xi3 is the new standard for scalability � a core processing architecture that allows multiple processing units to be added or subtracted as dictated by application or user demands. Added units work together with the original processor to increase functionality exponentially (more units equal more power). These units are coupled together in a network-like environment and allow additional processing capability to be added to the processing core or subsystems to satisfy new processing requirements. The ability to strip out the same units to create additional work stations provides the elusive flexibility paramount to a successful infrastructure.
4. Cost savings:
The Xi3 architecture allows one computing design to be used in virtually any computing application. This reduces the variety and amount of raw materials and manufacturing processes unique to each individual application, translating into dramatic cost savings.

Xi3 architecture is superior to the computer architecture used today. This new approach to computer development will revolutionize the way personal and commercial computers will perform. It will also change how computers are integrated into everyday products such as cars, planes, appliances, and home fixtures. It will further change the way people use computers at home and work, how they connect to the Internet, and how they interact with consumer and household products of all kinds.

Benefits of Xi3

Solid state design increasing life cycle
Universal mounting system
Advanced, yet simplified, patented cooling process
Optimized CPU and RAM ratios
Reduction in inventory costs
Highly durable and compact construction (load bearing at 3900 lbs.)
Lighter unit weight (in some cases by hundreds of pounds)
Potential for numerous vertical applications
Less expensive to manufacture, ship, and support
Able to cluster and scale to larger processing applications
Ability to protect software by locking it into the product

XI3 is the only architecture to offer a “Southbridge Agnostic” design. By placing the Southbridge chip (the chip that controls all of the logic or I/O interfaces)

on a separate board than the Northbridge, Xi3 allows an infinite amount of functions to be easily integrated into one core design.

Ninety percent of the development headaches, testing and design efforts are typically focused on redundant parts of the system. For example, every computer or computing device needs some type of processor, memory, and video memory. What differentiates special application computers from off the shelf systems is the integration of specialty Southbridge and other logic chips. Xi3 allows these specialty chips to be easily integrated into the “core” design without the headaches and risk of designing an entire single-plane motherboard from scratch.

I will be getting one of these to test and review! Stay tuned for the review!


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