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Product Review: HuMn RFID blocking wallet

Traditional wallet vs. HuMn Wallet pictured above:

Aluminum Humn wallets pictured above in 3 plate, 4 plate and 1 plate configurations.

They even come in Carbon Fiber!


We’ve spent the last year obsessing over this project to get it just right. Through endless tinkering with different types of materials and dimensions we’ve been able to distill what we believe a modern wallet should be.

From the steel fastener and super durable flat elastic shock strap to incorporating an expanded aluminum mesh that blocks radio frequency signals in our carbon fiber plates, it was important to us to make sure that we were providing the most ergonomic and cleanest looking wallet you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

RFID Protection:

The HuMn wallet protects your credit cards and ID’s from being scanned unless you want them to be.

It’s freaky knowing that someone can go online and purchase an RFID scanner for less than $100 and with a little computer savvy, start pulling information off of RFID embedded credit cards and ID’s (also known as skimming) without ever having to physically touch a single wallet or purse – and the victim wouldn’t even know that it had happened until much later.

While credit card companies are adamant that “their” cards cannot be hacked (and they’d never lie right?), there have been real life instances of skimming theft. The Discovery channel’s Mythbusters learned very quickly that the major credit card companies do not want people to know about the possible security issues with RFID chips.

With around 200 million credit cards in circulation that have RFID chips embedded into them, and that number expected to grow in the coming years, it’s amazing that the majority of wallets on the market have not addressed this issue and are unable to protect against RFID skimming.

Even if you don’t have an RFID credit card, the technology is finding its way into driver’s licenses and ID’s. New York, Michigan, Washington, and Vermont are just some of the states that currently issue enhanced driver’s licenses (EDL’s), while Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho, New Hampshire, Maine, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico are expected to start issuing EDL’s in the near future. Canada offers EDL’s in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec; and last year Germany began issuing RFID embedded ID cards.

Our modern, slim, RFID secure wallets make it easy to carry everything you need, anywhere you need to go. We set out to reinvent the traditional wallet by creating an entirely fresh design that adapts to the needs of the modern world, and the result is a whole new species: the HuMn Wallet.

I will review the Carbon Fiber HuMn wallet when I receive it.

This wallet looks awesome! I can’t wait to get it!

I got an email today from:

Ken and the guys at HuMn Designs are awesome!! Ken said he will issue a discount code for readers and friends of this blog! Stay tuned for details!!!

When you get to checkout use the discount code: ljb15
for 15% off your order! No limit on your order! How is that for an awesome company!

Don’t forget to check back for my review!

I just got the Carbon Fiber and Aluminum wallets in the mail today. That was fast!! All the way from Oregon to New Jersey!

First Glance, The Carbon Fiber is really cool and really sturdy. The bag it comes in can double as a glasses or phone/tablet glass cleaner. Just like the bag Oakley Glasses come in. I also got HuMn Wallet Stickers, for you sticker fans.

I also got the cool Olive Drab (Military like) Aluminum and its cool Anodised Powder coated. They are a little bigger than I expected, but they still fit in your front pocket, rear pocket or even in your inner suit jacket. Right now I have it in the bag, but not sure how long I will do that.

I watched a video review on Youtube and the guy said it was hard to open it and add cards in and out. Honestly, I don’t know what he was talking about. It did take me 2-3 times opening it to figure it out, but only because I have a bunchhhhhhh of cards in it.

Right now, its awesome! I’ll report back in next Friday with full details.

Awesome product! As long as you are conscience that the cards can slide out the bottom it’s not a problem. It’s comfortable in your pocket and its RFID secure. It gives you piece of mind. If you use the included microfiber bag, it holds change and you can use it to clean glasses or sunglasses.

I love this product!! Everything stays in place and I have a bunch of plastic cards, business cards, and even folded paper, money tucked on outside and hotel/proximity card on back


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