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Madison Medical – Madison, NJ

Madison Medical and Sports Rehabilitation Center is a multidiscipline practice whose goal is to achieve and maintain your good health and physical fitness through the integration of traditional medical and chiropractic philosophies.

This unique approach by our qualified and enthusiastic in office team enables thorough and individualized evaluation and management, specific to the needs of each patient. Whether your concern is of an urgent need, that of an ongoing nature, or for the preventative care and monitoring of your good health, our team provides the capability to thoroughly address your needs.

Near the very center of Madison, a short easy drive from all surrounding areas, we are located at 210 Main Street in Madison, New Jersey. Our convenient hours allow us to accommodate your busy schedule with personalized attention and expert care by our expert in office team. With in office X ray ability, and Cat Scan, MRI, and laboratory facilities nearby, thorough and timely evaluation is always the standard of care.

Our experienced and qualified medical and chiropractic physicians provide a continuity of knowledge, philosophy, and care that would not otherwise be so immediately available at one center. When issues of more extended concern are recognized, we are there too. We have the ability to provide further direction to medical, surgical, and psychological specialists, while still maintaining an overall view, concern, and resource for our patients. Something that has been so easily and readily lost in modern health care.

Clinical Team

Wayne Lajewski, M.D.
Medical Director
Internal Medicine

Carmen Romano, D.C.
Chiropractic Director
Chiropractic Sports Physician

Gerald F. Milazzo, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician

Jared M. Gunn, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician

John McEvoy, D.P.M.
Podiatric Medicine and Podiatric Surgery

Erin Davidson, DPT ATC
Physical Therapy Director

Michelle Patellis, R.D. , C.N.S.D.
Registered Dietitian

Lisa Ospina, PA-C
Physician Assistant

Jackie Schuyler, MPT
Senior Physical Therapist

Kristen Klacik
Office Manager

Cynthia Raith
Assistant Office Manager

I originally found Madison Medical after meeting a Captain in the Army (former Doctor at Madison Medical) that offered to help me with a knee injury that was obtained when I was in the Army.

Once he left the practice I met Dr. Lajewski who is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army and a Internist. Dr L as he is referred as, became my primary care physician and he really cares and takes care of me like no other doctor ever has!

When I injured my shoulder and ha the Slap repair performed by Dr. Hunt (see the previous article Bedminster Orthopedics) I already knew about Madison Medical’s facility and it was a no brainer!

Erin Davidson became my physical therapist and she really knows her stuff! For a tiny girl she has really strong hands and a sharp elbow lol. Don’t underestimate her! If she can dig her hands in and make me wince in pain she can do the same to you.

Upon returning to Dr. Hunt for checkups he was amazed at my recovery progression and I owe most of that to Erin (you have to do your homework exercises and stretching!!!!).

They use a mixture of stretching, deep tissue massage, electro stim (see my article: ismart 2), infrared, ice and heat packs, weights, handbike, body bars, body blade and other equipment! It’s the multi process approach that really does the job!

The exercise progression and stretching was set forward by Dr. Hunt, but they delivered and tweaked the plan due to my accelerated progression.

I also have my blood work done there and analyzed by Dr. Lajewski or Lisa Ospina.

I have also used the services of John McEvoy who is a great Podiatrist! I have flat feet and went in complaining of pain just below my toes (in the area where women in high-heels puts all their weight) he immediately said I know what your problem is! You need orthotics and sneakers that are fitted directly for your feet (see my article: the Running Company) so Dr. McEvoy made me custom molded orthotics, but the pain was still there for the next 2 months and POOF! It was gone! I had him order 2 pairs, one for my running shoes and one for my Military boots.

They even have a great Chiropractic service (as I have been told by other patients) as a martial artist and weightlifter I regularly stretch my entire body and at this time I do not need a Chiropractor. If I did it would depend on my location, if I was close to Madison I would go here and see Carmen. If I was close to Teaneck I would go see my friend Dr. Pete Gratale (see Power-Centering/Core Masters article)

One of my friends visited the Dietitian: Michelle Patellis and told me she is really nice and helped him get his diet on track. He lost quite a bit of weight under her care.

I also don’t use this service, as a Master Fitness Trainer with 20+ years experience and nutritionist/herbalist I know what to do, it’s just a matter of doing it lol,

Now, that brings me to the staff!! What can I say…

They are all amazing!!! Each and every one of them is sooo nice! I like them all!

The front desk staff is really nice and they try as hard as they can to make you the best appointment to fit your schedule and sometimes they even squeeze me in and move me around when I miss my appointment.

Michelle (the vampire as I call her) is usually tasked to draw my blood and I usually never even feel it! After my surgery my muscle went down and my body-fat skyrocketed and it was super hard to find my veins and still she hit it every time without fail and usually without pain! She’s awesome!

The medical assistants are cool, unfortunately they tend to change over time, but they are usually smiling and well attentive to your care.

The office staff is really nice and I often converse with them for quite some time.

Overall this place is the best I have ever been to. Would I recommend it to a friend? I recommended to my father, so yes I would!

If you are in NJ and are in need of their services take the drive and go see them! Tell them I sent you 😉


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