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Restaurant Review: Guisseppe’s Newfoundland, NJ

Giuseppe Staiano

Born in Rome, Italy, Giuseppe Staiano spent more than fifteen years mastering his culinary trade by training under and then working side by side with some of the world’s finest acclaimed Italian Chefs.

He traveled to the United States where he spent over a decade expanding his skills and introducing his gourmet Italian dishes to some of the finest restaurants in New York, Connecticut and California.

From September 1999 to July 2004 he has been Executive Chef at one of Bergen County’s finest Italian restaurants, Cenzino. During this time he guided the restaurant to ratings of “Excellent” by Zagat survey and three and one half stars by the Bergen Record. The New Jersey magazine also recognized his skills by voting the restaurant one of the top ten in New Jersey.

In July 2004 Giuseppe Staiano opened his Gourmet Catering, Azzurro, where he served a very long list of satisfied customers.

Finally in September 2005 after more than twenty-five years, Giuseppe Staiano has taken his extraordinary culinary skills and combined them with his worldly experience to custom design his own Restaurant. It consists of authentic Italian Cuisine blended with contemporary tecniques.

The restaurant has since been painted a deep red.

The food here was great! Huge portions, but at a slightly elevated price you get what you pay for.

The menu is small, but the list of daily specials is huge! And the waitresses have them memorized!

I had one of the many appetizer specials the bang bang shrimp! They were totally amazing!! Next time I want to order just 2 orders and no meal!!
Look at the texture! The sundried tomatoes, pancetta (Italian bacon), the shiitake mushrooms in an amazing (if no one was there) lick the plate clean sauce!

For an entree I had the stuffed chicken special:
Stuffed with seafood in a Jack Daniel’s brandy sauce with mushrooms. The sauce was great! The chicken was slightly overcooked and dry.

Above is the Capelini with fresh crab meat, shrimp, sundried tomatoes, arugula, in a garlic white sauce.
I tasted it, it was great and loaded with crab meat!

Pictured above is grilled flounder served over Broccoli Rabe. They forgot the Broccoli Rabe, so the brought a large plate of it on the side. I didn’t taste this dish but it looks lite and super fresh!

They also came out with a huge fresh dessert plate, loaded with all different kinds of desserts (about 10-12!) but I couldn’t even look at it!

The waitresses were young, but they were all very helpful and all of them were absolutely gorgeous! I should have shaved! Lol my drink must have been filled about 10 times throughout the meal. The plates were removed immediately, they asked if we byob, so they could accommodate us, but we didn’t.

You will really enjoy this place! Go here if you are in the area and craving Italian!


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