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Restaurant Review: Pub 199 Mt. Arlington, NJ






Filled with wall to wall to ceiling taxidermy they even have an elephant, rhino and giraffe! The front bar area jam packed with about 15 flat screens!

Once you get past the decor you are left with a big bar and bar food! The menu is straight up bar food with a small twist. They have crab legs, lobster, clams and mussels, but before you get seafood crazy… That’s it! No fish except a fried fish sandwich. The rest of the menu is bar food, burgers, fries, sandwiches nothing impressive.

The place was jam packed like you wouldn’t believe!! Ridiculous!! It was a Friday night, but c’mon!!


They only serve little bottles of Poland spring water at $2.50 a bottle (a 24 pack is $3.00 at Walmart) Hope you aren’t thirsty! I only have water or wine with dinner. If I drink and I usually don’t I do it after dinner.

I do however love the Mussels parmigiana! I would probably go back just for that!

The marinara sauce was salty an not good at all, but when paired with the mussels and cheese it wasn’t bad! And well worth the money.

The clams came out all dried out! I never had steamed clams dried out at a restaurant.

I ordered a steak pizzaiola (I knew from the area and type of place that it was a pizza steak not pizzaiola!) I even asked the waitress what was in it and she told me steak sauce and cheese. Which is what I figured, but it came smothered in onions. I absolutely hate onions! So I swapped it for a burger.

The burger was ordered medium rare and was over cooked, but I like it medium well so not a problem for me. The bun was nice! The burger was done well and the fries weren’t bad.

The only thing I can think of is the liquor is cheap! Because the food sucked! they do have pitchers of beer.

I’m telling you this place was insanely packed!! Cars were leaving and other cars were taking their spots!

I don’t understand the draw to this place! If restaurant impossible was here he would flip out!

Lots of young couples and families packed this place.

Would I return, well I wouldn’t go out of my way to return.

With the sheer size of the place and decor they could do so much! I would have exotic meats like wild boar, bison and ostrich and brick oven pizza would be nice! Keeping the bar theme brick oven pizza is an upscale bar food and can be creative and bring in more money for not that much effort.

Work off the decor! Run the menu around that.

This place is a gold mine! Why I don’t know. It’s not even an amazing location… I’m dumbfounded…


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