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World’s Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski to fight Bob Sapp

Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Bob Sapp set for May in Poland
By Maggie Hendricks | Cagewriter – Mon, Apr 2, 2012 1:22 PM EDT

Anyone in the mood for a good freak show fight? Good news. Mariusz Pudzianowski has agreed to fight Bob Sapp for KSW on May 12. Their super-heavyweight bout will take place in Lodz, Poland.
Sapp, who has fought, starred in movies and played pro football, lost his last five fight. All five losses were in the first round. In fact, the last time he got to the second round was when he lost to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in the second round in 2002. Sapp’s last fight ended after he sustained a leg injury less than two minutes in.
Pudzianowski, who won multiple World’s Strongest Man competitions, is 3-2. His last fight ended as a no contest because of a judging error.

Bob Sapp
11wins 11 losses
38yrs old
6’5″ 312lbs

A lackluster list of competitors beside losses to Nogiera, Bobby Lashley and Fujita

Mariusz Pudzianowski
35yrs old
6’1″ 260lbs (I’ve seen him over 300lbs and ripped)

Again a lackluster list of competitors beside a loss to Tim Sylvia (who isn’t that great)

It is going to be a freak show! Although Bob Sapp has the experience over Pudzianowski, I believe Pudzian will prevail!

The event is on the same day I’m running the tough mudder, so I will probably miss it! I predict me lying in pain whining why….why did I do thattttttt… Whyyyyyyy lol

Or just going to bed and saying that in the morning!

What an embarrassing fight for both men! Are you kidding me? Bob sapp threw one punch then cowered against the ropes like a 312lb little girl! While Pudzian closed in Bob Sapp covered up while Pudzianowski rained down the punches, one cool thing Pudzian reached down grabbed Sapp’s feet as he was cowering and pulled them out and rained down punches to Sapp’s arms, and maybe a couple on his head, but not many and the ref called for the bell after a total of 39 seconds!

Pudzianowski wants to be taken seriously as a fighter, but he keeps taking on freak shows like: Tim Silvia, Butterbean and Bob Sapp… When will he take on a real fighter? If Brock Lesnar was still fighting he would probably want to fight Brock (he would loose), but he would probably still try.

Fight a real fighter! Even an old fighter like Mark Coleman or Crocop!

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