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Events: The Tough Mudder

Guest Writer: Ravi Mehta coming soon!

Louis J. Bianco section below:

Probably the toughest event on the planet

Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses, half a million inspiring participants, and more than $2 million dollars raised for the Wounded Warrior Project, Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world.

Of course ours:
Pennsylvania #2
May 12th 2012
Pocono Manor
Happened to break the rules and be 13miles!!

I have been training for 2 months:
Did 3 mile hike on Sussex boardwalk
Did 6 mile hike on Sussex boardwalk/Appalachian trail
Did 8 mile hike on Sussex boardwalk/Appalachian trail
Did 3 mile hike in Ringwood
Did 6.6 mile run in Ringwood
Did 2 mile run in Air Force
Did 3.5 mile run in Ringwood
Did 10 mile run/walk in Ringwood
Did 3.5 mile run in Ringwood
Did 1 mile walk in Air Force

Off days I was doing precor elliptical for 30-45 min plus my daily weight training

I registered for the May 12th event in PA. One day before my birthday.

I have my outfit for the event:
Under Armour compression shirt and pants, covered by Under Armour loose gear shirt and shorts and my military camelback. On my feet I will be wearing Vibram Five Fingers to hopefully eliminate blisters, running though all that water.

Last week I did the stairmaster for:
10min with 35 min on precor
15min with 15 min on precor
20min with 25 min on precor
20min with 10 min on precor
And last 20 below:
Just finished my last workout before the mudder, did 20min on stairmaster then 10 on the precor elliptical now I’m going to rest and rehydrate for the event.

On the day of the event I will be mixing my water in my camelback with spring water, a little mineral water and a bottle of blk (reviewed here)

I also brought a much needed cliff bar (oatmeal raisin) and 3 ibuprofen!!

The race supplied a couple bananas at different water stations, free electrolyte gummy’s (at one station) and of course plenty of water. The even had music at the water stations!

The course was well made, but could have used a port-a-john between the arctic enema and the death march. I had to use my sock in the woods! TMI; I know; lol but you had to know!

I felt good except my feet! I’m in serious pain! I made a critical error and wore my Vibram five fingers. Although, they were great in the mud and on hills, I couldn’t climb walls and on the rocks they were hell! Catching a sharp rock in the arch was excruciating. It was also treacherous having to watch every step on the trails.

My Kyber Mountain boots would have been ideal, but I didn’t want to ruin them. I was also worried about blisters and got a giant one on my left heel and on the ball of my foot just below my middle toe.

I also have pain on the side of my right foot in the arch area.

The obstacles –

The Berlin Walls:
Back to back walls, proved impossible due to a poor choice of footwear! Made evident from the start!

Kiss of Mud:
Crawling under the barbed wire in the mud was terrible, because I barely cleared and got snagged a few times with my camelback. My number was torn off here.

Arctic Enema:
the dumpster of ice water in which you must go under was tough but it was fun and for the next mile after it, I felt like a million bucks, but it made me want to defecate really bad!! Must have been the fiber lol

High Stepping:
A series of half walls (about 6) were tiring and not too easy after having my energy zapped and having the urge to go to the bathroom after the Arctic Enema.

The Death March:
The hill was easy! Because of our training at Ringwood Manor, I was pleasantly surprised!

Log Jamming:
A series of over and under logs, after going under the first one I noticed an abundance of black spiders (I squished one on the way under) I decided to go over every log some piled 3 high and only go under the ones with barbed wire on top (about 3 of them) having to dodge and squish spiders on the way under.

The Fire Walker:
Was no big deal in the beginning I felt the fire on my face but the fire was so far away from you it wasn’t a factor at the end of it I got a mouthful of smoke that wasn’t cool!

Spiders Web:
A giant cargo net hung between 2 trees. Halfway up I was horizontal, I remover thinking to myself, I don’t way to fall from here it will hurt too much, so digging deep I reached for the top and pulled myself over, the way down was much easier.

Walk the Plank:
The climb up was like a slanted berlin wall; which I probably where I injured the side of my right foot having to use it on the way up! After the second step the third was too large to humanly do by yourself, so I had to have assistance and get a hand from someone on top!

A 15 foot plunge into the pond. I don’t like heights, so I wasn’t thrilled, but barely moving my lead filled legs, I jumped in the cold water!

Berlin Walls 2:
Another impossible mission! Poor footwear!

Devil’s Beard:
Everyone was saying the giant cargo net was hard to get under, but I don’t think it was that bad.

The the giant half pipe was crazy! I got to the top on all 3 attempts, but couldn’t make it over due to two things
1: I picked the wrong footwear and had no traction.
2: The guys on top weren’t military and didn’t know how to pull someone over the wall, they were yanking on my bad shoulder instead of reaching for my belt area. So instead of risking reinjury I told them to let me go.

Electric Eel:
The electric eel was the worst! A water pit where u crawl under simulated barbed wire, and it has hanging wires, being so large I got zapped with every wire! Getting hit in the shoulder blade, but the worst was getting hit in the butt! My entire glute muscle violently contracted.

Funky monkey:
The monkey bars were hard with my shoulders. The water was cold lol

Boa Constrictor:
2 tight tubes that spilled out into the water, again the water was cold! I had a girl carry my camelback through so I wouldn’t get stuck like Winnie the pooh lol

The Mud Mile:


Giant mud and water filled holes that you have to climb in and out and into the next one.

Hanging Tough:
The rings were slippery I was one ring away from the end and stuck I couldn’t reach the last ring my shoulder was hurting so I went to two hands on one ring and yet again the water was cold lol

The Twinkle Toes:
The balance beam was cool except the middle of the beam was so shaky for a guy my size once again the water was cold lol

Electroshock Therapy:
Hanging wires while you run through calf high water and jump over hay bales. I was using my hat to swat wires and missed on thy hit me on the forehead between the eyes and made my teeth chatter together!

All pain aside I did enjoy it. However, I will not compete again >;;;; 250lbs!

At the end of day 1 after:
My blisters feel a little better, but my calves, quads, glutes and low back are tightening up, and my right wrist hurts.

Beginning of day 2 after:
Only the outer edge of my right foot in the arch region still hurts.

Day 3 I should make my return to the gym to resume weight training, I will give my feet a 4th day to heal before resuming the stairmaster.

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