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Attractions: Sussex County, NJ Appalachian Trail

Past the boardwalk is a mountain, well kind of a ridge top, but it looks like a mountain, and there is a great overlook!

It is one mile up and one mile back down! There is a place called God’s stairs or the stairway to heaven on the way to the top. It’s pretty rough. Today my nephew and I did both the hill and the boardwalk! I love blisters lol
Check out some cool pics:










Local Indian Boy:


This is a great workout and you can enjoy nature! On our trip we saw 3 black bears (not on the hill) 2 on outskirts of town and one in the marsh of the boardwalk.

We also saw a small rat snake. And a bunch of red back blackbirds:

I didn’t take that picture, the ones I took you can’t really see the color on their back.

So if you want a great workout and don’t want to be cooped up in the gym head on out and be close to nature! Go hiking!

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