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Mel Brooks needs to write a Lord of the Rings satire

I was watching Spaceballs last night which is still one of the best satirical comedies out there. Mel Brooks is a comic genius! He should definitely make a Lord of the Rings satire while he still can!! He definitely has enough material to use! Hobbits, dwarves, elves, orcs etc… I think only he can do a LOTR satire justice!

I you haven’t seen Spaceballs check this out:


Mel Brooks’s 1987 parody of the Star Wars trilogy is a jumble of jokes rather than a comic feature, and, predictably, some of those jokes work better than others. The cast, including Brooks in two roles, more or less mimics the principal characters from George Lucas’s famous story line, and the director certainly gets a boost from new allies (SCTV graduates Rick Moranis and John Candy) as well as old ones (Dick Van Patten, Dom DeLuise). Watch this and wait for the sporadic inspiration–but don’t be surprised if you find yourself yearning for those years when Brooks was a more complete filmmaker (Young Frankenstein). –Tom Keogh

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