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Hiring our Heroes job fair at the USS Intrepid

Today I attended the Job fair, Hiring our Heroes at the U.S.S. Intrepid in Manhattan, NY

I spoke with a beautiful reporter from NBC, she asked me quite a few questions about my expectations at the Job fair etc.

What I failed to tell her, is that the Job Search in America is flawed! That is why the Unemployment rate is so high! Not because, there aren’t jobs out there, it’s because the system is flawed.

Years ago, you would always get the catch 22! Hey kid you don’t have enough experience, well how am I going to get experience if you don’t hire me?

That was then, now; the job search has become much more impersonal. At least back then you can walk in a place and they will tell you no.

Now, no one wants to talk! You go to the computer, you register online, and you hear nothing! No yes, no no… Just nothing!

Then in the small chance they do like you, they send you an email to call them, they don’t even reach out and call you anymore! Then after you call back they give you 1-3 phone interviews before they call you in for an in-person interview, which you usually get 2-3 of those also.

It is really cutthroat and competitive out there!

Then you figure hey let’s go to a job fair where I can actually meet someone. What happens at the job fair? Oh, just go online to our site and apply. Are you kidding me? Why did I waste an entire day of my life, dress up in an uncomfortable suit, pay for gas and parking and possible tolls, just to be told to do the exact same thing I was doing in the first place?

Nothing! Not even a contact name! This job fair was a little different, I actually got a few contact names, but I will still believe it worked when I see it!

The worst part about the entire situation is the types of high security jobs I am going for (information security/cyber security/network security) you can’t just walk in, we aren’t talking about $12-15/hr. positions. This makes it all the more frustrating. I keep getting the advice to just go out there and walk in. You can’t do it! Most companies are locked and you have to be buzzed in to security and then you will not get past them.

Most places when you apply online state, do not call or walk in, if you do you won’t get the position.

With this extremely flawed system, based more heavily on technology and less on human contact, how will we ever lower the unemployment rate?

Well, at least the Intrepid was beautiful and the weather was nice.

Ps little NBC Girl if you find this give me a holla! 😉

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