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Controversy: Suicide the Dumbest Choice you can ever make!!

Today I was at the Hiring our Heroes job fair at the Intrepid in Manhattan. On my way home I was in line for the bus and I received a disturbing call. A young Airman in my shop committed suicide today.

Let me explain a little bit about the Army and the Air Force. The size of the units are similar, but the Army (Infantry) is a large unit where everyone knows and mingles with everyone. The Air Force however is split up into a lot of different little shops. In our shop we have 11 well now 10 Airman, so it is much more personal.

The Airman (whose name will not be mentioned) seriously had life by the balls! He was 18, just graduated high school, was taking classes in college, was in the Military, was a good looking kid, maybe he didn’t have a full time job and his parents were poor, but the world was his to do with what he pleased!! Because he was in my shop he even had a secret security clearance.

In a split second he threw it all away! Never to do another thing again!

Let’s get something straight right now! When you are at the bottom of your rope, and you think there is absolutely nothing left to live for and you seriously want to give up and kill yourself, you are seriously at your lowest point!!

Guess what? You are at your fucking lowest point! You can’t go any lower!

Guess what? It can only go up from there!!

And if you kill yourself! It won’t! It can’t! And you will never know what could have been!

What if the second you die, you get an email from a job wanting an interview?

What if you put down the gun in your hand and walk to the store to buy a pint of ice cream to drown your sorrows and you meet the girl of your dreams, your wife!

If you end it, there are no more what if’s!

Before you do it, don’t forget you are never alone in killing yourself! You still leave your body or what’s left of it, behind for someone else to find and cleanup! That vision will be in their heads and haunting them in their dreams forever!!

Let’s say you hate your father and you want to punish him and you want to scar him and let him find your body! You work out a plan, something goes wrong, your wife gets in a car accident and you are dead so they can’t call you! The only other person they can call is your dad and he picks up your child and he’s like go ahead in I’ll be write there I want to water the lawn etc… Now your children find your body and your scar them for life as well as your father! Maybe they actually kill themselves because they can’t live with the sight and the thought!

Is that scenario likely probably not, and you are reading this and saying definitely not! Well guess what it probably won’t,but the moral of that story is:

Shit happens! Anything you plan can fall apart and go really bad in a split second! You WILL hurt everyone in your family! Regardless of whether you leave a note or not, everyone will say why? And what could I have done?

That is the worst fucking selfish thing you can ever do and never undo or make up for!!

On a positive note:

Look at all the stories of sorrow turned amazing feats!

Bethany Hamilton gets her arm bit off by a Shark!!! And becomes a professional surfer!

Sarah Reinertsen the one legged triathlete that finished the Ironman Triathlon!!

What about the MTV Show my 600lb life? They went from 600 pounds perched on deaths doorstep to a normal healthy person.

What about the Biggest Loser contestants loosing over 100lbs in 12 weeks!

Anything can be done and fixed if you put your mind to it and here’s the important part (seek help!!!!!)

No one ever said you have to do everything in life by yourself!

You hear some assholes say I’m not taking Charity! I’m above that blah blah my pride won’t let me! Blah blah

Let me tell you something! Charity is there for a reason! If you need it or qualify for it; use it!!! Get back on your feet! Then when you can pay it forward! Contribute, give someone else the chance that you got! When, You are fully back on your feet! Don’t rush to donate and put yourself back in the same position!

The airman I talked about earlier, I was actually mentoring him for the past few months in the area of IT, I was helping him with his resume and applying for positions. If he would have called me before he did it, I could have helped him! If money was a problem, I could have helped him get loans or grants for school. He could have went active duty, he could have lived in his car while working as a construction laborer anything, he could have even went outside the Lincoln tunnel washing windshields or selling peeled oranges! Anything…

If it was a women problem, well there are plenty of fish in the sea, eventually you will catch your Marlin! You just have to put out the bait and wait for a bite…

The last example I am going to give you is the Italian Mafia! Mob bosses like John Gotti go to jail for the rest of their life! Do they kill themselves? They had everything! Power, money, a beautiful family, big house, cars, gold, everything you can think of and in about an hour of court time they loose everything and must go to jail for the rest of their lives!

Again, do they kill themselves with almost nothing left to look forward to?



Because tomorrow could always be a better day!

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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