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Controversy: Truck & SUV Owners that are afraid of Speed Bumps

Have you ever driven behind a Large Pickup or SUV at the mall and they totally stop and barely roll over the Speed Bumps?

That drives me insane! Listen people you own a truck!!! It’s made to drive off-road! What do you think a speed bump is to a truck? It’s nothing!!

The manufacturers beat the hell out of the truck when they are testing them at the factory! Guess what? They each passed!!

If you want to crawl over a speed bump, buy a sports car that is lowered to the ground, where you can actually do damage if you go too fast.

You people (and you know who you are; are probably the same assholes doing the speed limit or under in the passing lane!) You make me sick!! Basically, get the fuck out of the way! Especially, on Friday during rush hour!!

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