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Fitness Class: Dr. Pete Gratale’s Powercentering/ Core Masters Class – Teaneck, NJ


Formally, from the 1980’s hit exercise Show Bodyshaping Dr. Pete pictured 2nd from the right, is a Chiropractor located in Teaneck New Jersey.

I met Dr. Pete quite a few years ago, at a fitness convention where he was unveiling his new product called Powercentering. A kick ass core training series on DVD, I purchased all of his videos and began to add his moves into my daily workout. Check them out on his website:

For those who are fans of Chiropractic care, when I first met him he also just bought this tuning fork like tool that he puts along your spine bit by bit, it vibrates a little till it makes a click and stops that signals your spine is in line. He uses it all the way down till its done. It’s very gentle you won’t even notice it’s working. Its all run by computer. I don’t know what new developments he has since then, but that tool was awesome!


Today, I joined Dr. Pete this morning at 8:30am -9:30am for his Core Masters class:

When: Every Sunday 8:30am to 9:30am

Where: Aikido School 219 DeGraw Ave. Teaneck, NJ

Cost: $19 per session, $149 package of 10 sessions

Call 201-836-9558 for more info and to register

Dr. Pete is returning from total knee replacement he had about 1.5yrs ago. So, This is a low impact, core targeting, Yoga and Martial Art exercise inspired class.

I’m coming back from Shoulder Surgery, a torn Labrum with a spinoglenoid notch cyst, which caused my rear Deltoid to atrophy.

Let me tell you, this class kicked my ass! I can’t remember the last time I was that soaked!!! I waited about 15min before I left the Aikido school. I was still soaked! Do you want to know how wet I was? Wet enough to soak my seatbelt in my car. Next week I will definitely be bringing a change of shirts!!!

My shoulder was a little sore before the class, because yesterday at the gym I did Bi’s & Shoulders. After the workout I felt like a million bucks!

My thighs and feet were burning, my abs were slightly cramping. This class rocks!!

I need to return to extreme shape for the Military by June, so I will be in this class until then.

Come join us! You will like it!! I live about 45min away, trust me it is worth the drive!

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