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Controversy: MTV Battle of the Exes “blackface” incident

MTV contestant uses Nutella for blackface on ‘Battle of the Exes’
By theGrio
2:38 PM on 03/09/2012
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MSNBC: Note to reality TV contestants and, well, people everywhere: If in the middle of planning a prank, you have to ask someone if it’s racist, the answer is probably “yes it is.”
That’s a lesson one player on MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes” learned in hindsight after donning blackface in order to impersonate a fellow contestant on Wednesday’s night episode of the show.
For some reason, Emily’s pal, Camilla, gave her the ill-advised all-clear when she asked the aforementioned question about her prank, so Em went ahead and smeared her face with chocolate-hazelnut spread Nutella, put on a hat and did her best (worst) impression of game partner Ty.

This was a prank done out of jealousy, her Ex-Boyfriend who is black, is allegedly banging another girl in the house. Which is disrespectful towards his ex, he’s making out with another girl right in front of her, but that’s not wrong. He obviously knows that wasn’t a racist move! He dated her! She was just mocking him out of jealously. The girl that gave her the idea is from Brazil and probably didn’t know it was racist either.

Seriously, America needs to stop being crybabies! Pulling the racist card every five seconds! If it is racist for a white man/woman to paint his/her face black then it is racist for a black man/women to do the same! If that’s the rule you are making then it goes for everyone!!

But Comedians like Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and the Wayans can constantly paint themselves White and make movies mocking White People, but no one says anything!

Examples: Coming to America, SNL, White Chicks etc…

People have to stop crying racism!

Painting your face one way or another isn’t racist!

It’s how you describe each other.

If there is a crime (it doesn’t matter if the thief is white or black, that’s not the point of this discussion) when the police come, they ask who did it? You are going to say for example: 6′ 210lbs and color of skin!

What I’m getting at is it isn’t the act of painting your face, it’s how you act and what comes out of your mouth when you are emulating someone.

Stop the racism on all sides! All races! This is The United States of America! We are a melting pot! Everyone here is an immigrant! Before you American Indians open your mouth! According to present theory, all life originated in the Mesopotamia region of Africa, so everyone is an immigrant and everyone is related to each other.

Whether we were monkeys or Adam and Eve that’s a different story!

Stop the Hate!

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